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For every person who wants to express their identity and take control of their life.

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How do you think others see you? Build your personal brand

Or how you can achieve what you want!

With the book "How do you think others see you?" you will succeed:

  • To find a better job;

  • You earn your salary increase;

  • You win the promotion;

  • You found your dream partner;

  • You save friendships;

  • You live better.

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Но защо е важен личният бранд ЗА МЕН?

Because that's the feeling people who know you or have heard of you get when they hear your name.

"How do you think the others see you?" is a simplified practical system of actions conveyed in plain language that brings together dozens of years of successful and unsuccessful experience.

It's not for entrepreneurs or businessmen, it's for every person who wants a better life and, despite giving his best, doesn't get everything he thinks he deserves.


Who owns a personal brand/personal reputation?

It is like asking, who has his own form of behavior, presence and appearance - everyone.

You might be surprised, but even animals have a personal brand. And if anyone is now thinking, "yeah, well, yeah."

Imagine a big, fat, black and very fast cockroach right next to you on the table, desk, sofa... What is the feeling you got from this picture? 🙂 This is the cockroach's personal brand/reputation.


Who needs a personal brand/personal reputation?

Personal branding is important to 99% of people for multiple reasons. It allows one to express oneself authentically.

It's an opportunity to showcase our passions, values and interests, which helps us connect with like-minded people, ideas and values.

Developing a personal brand can boost confidence and self-esteem. When we are aware of our strengths and unique qualities, we feel stronger and more confident in various aspects of life.


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2 Branding manual


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3 Branding manual



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1 Branding manual

But what does the Book contain?


  • Дефиниция на брандинга и неговата важност

  • Какво е личен бранд/лична репутация?

  • Кои са приликите и разликите между личен бранд/лична репутация и корпоративен бранд? Защо това е важно?

  • Кой притежава личен бранд/лична репутация?

  • Кой има нужда от личен бранд/лична репутация?

  • Важността на силна онлайн присъствието

  • Разбиране на Вашата същност и цели


  • Разбиране на личния брандинг - примери фирма

  • Изследвания и анализ на пазара - примери фирма

  • Дигитално присъствие - примери фирма

  • Мрежови връзки или Networking - примери фирма

  • Лидерство в мисленето

  • Управление на репутацията - примери фирма

  • Измерване на въздействието - примери фирма

  • Развитие на вашия бранд - примери фирма

  • Прозорецът на Джохари

  • Заключение от нашия специалист Десислава Писарова

  • Източници на примерите

  • Готови ли сте?

Plamen P. Popov and personal branding

Order now with a bonus


TO create your personal brand

REASON #1: Birthing Your True Self:

Personal branding is an effective tool for defining who you really are and what makes you unique.

✅ REASON #2: Authentic and engaging telling of your story:

Creating a personal brand will teach you to authentically tell your unique story and needs.

✅ REASON #3: Finding the right place for you in the world:

An authentic personal brand will strengthen your positions or direct you to new, more relevant horizons full of the opportunities you dream of.

✅ REASON #4: Improved Relationships:

Clarity about your personal brand will help you improve your communication and relationships with others. You will not have or give unjustified expectations and disappointments to your loved ones.

✅ ПРИЧИНА #5: Намиране и привличане на подходящия партньор в живота или в бизнеса:

Your personal brand at your starting point. It gives you the opportunity to attract only those who see a similar direction, values and interests to yours. These are the right partners for whom you will not need to put on a mask.

✅ REASON #6: Increasing your value:

A personal brand highlights your strengths and unique qualities, and this will inevitably increase your value.

The book: How do you think others see you? is all you need to...




Book: How do you think others see you?

Надявам се, че тази книга ще ви мотивира да извадите наяве своята уникална стойност и да осъзнаете, че имате всичко необходимо, за да постигнете това, което желаете. Независимо дали никога преди. не сте се замисляли за своя личен брандинг или пък се опитни в позиционирането на автентичността си този наръчник предлага практически насоки и вдъхновение за издигане на вашата практика на проявление на следващото ниво.​​

Here's what will happen during the…

изпълнение на методите от книгата "Как си мислиш, че те виждат другите?" 


#1: Reading the Book

First, it's important to learn all about personal branding and how it works, what the action steps are, where it comes from, and why it's so effective.



#2: Taking notes in the fields

Practice. It is the basis of success. Follow the note boxes and fill them in to encode anything new in your mind.


#3: Setting goals

You can't get anywhere if you don't know where it is. Define your goals, start small and follow them chronologically.


#4: See the difference

Създаването на личен брандинг има моментален ефект, защото той определя как ви усещат и виждат останалите. Разликата ще бъде феноменална. налсадете й се.

BONUS - A Guide to Building the Perfect First Impression Why do some people succeed and others don't?

With each purchase of the book, you will receive 1 edition of the guide to building a first impression by the creator of the first company for digital business cards in Bulgaria, Iva Popova

Humans make subjective judgments about others regularly - consciously or subconsciously. But how much information can actually be gleaned from a glance? First impressions are critically important and surprisingly accurate, yet they can also mislead us, both from bias and misperception. The first impression guide will help you be like the extraordinary Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire" when Renee Seeweger wins with "Hello". Or like the professional managers interviewing job candidates who know who to hire in the first minutes of the interview.


Create your unique personal brand with our exclusive bonus offer!


"About the book "How to start a business without equity" co-authored by Plamen P. Popov and Iva Popova 2021: "This book is practical and aimed at the business reality of the Bulgarian business. If you are about to start your business, or you are in a situation where you ask yourself the question: "Now which path should I take?", if you are about to give up on your project, Iva and Plamen's book comes to you at the right time . Just read it and get practice and motivation. They say that smart people learn from the mistakes of others. This book can be a great practical handbook from which to draw such lessons for intelligent people. And finally, don't read this book if you're not willing to take action and implement the advice in it, because the real benefit is the implementation."

- Ivaylo Kunev
Business trainer and consultant, author of the bestseller "7 lessons for leadership. The forgotten stories of Bulgaria


За книгата "Предприемачът" на Пламен П. Попов 2018: "Пред нас вече е още един продукт на неуморната дейност на Пламен Попов и екипа му, а именно книга-та „Предприемачът“. Книгата е много ценна, защото предава личния опит на Пламен за справяне с тежки ситуации, и най-вече с това как инвестирайки в себе си и вярвайки безотказно в идеите и силите си, можем да постигнем всичко. Разказвйки за собствените си успехи и неуспехи, за това как можеш да тръгнеш от нулата и да достигнеш върха, Пламен Попов не ни дава готови рецепти или задължително работещи модели, такива просто няма. Това, което той прави с книгата си „Предприе- мачът“ е много по-ценно – вдъхновява ни всеки от нас да успее по своя си път, в своето си нещо и по своя си начин."

Dr. Sultanka Petrova
Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

About The Perfect First Impression: Why Some People Succeed and Others Don't 2020: "I learned how many first impression techniques there are and how to use them to present your best self."

Christian Tashev
Country Manager for Israel of Royal Canin


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