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16th National Real Estate Conference

"The Pursuit of Happiness" - one of the interactive experiences that guests will participate in at the most significant corporate event of the leading international network of independent brokers ERA on January 26.

Hello, dear readers of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur"! Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Teodora, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERA Bulgaria AD. In this interview, Teodora will reveal to us the unique world of real estate in Bulgaria and how ERA's international network influences the management of their Bulgarian branch. From her words, we will extract valuable practical advice and learn about the latest trends in the Bulgarian real estate market.

Teodora reveals to us that membership in the international network of ERA significantly strengthens the positions of the Bulgarian branch. With the ambition to be the preferred choice for brokerage services in Bulgaria, ERA strives to offer unique and efficient products and services. With this, the company showed an example of management by combining global strategies with local market needs.

The transition to differences in the real estate market is natural. Teodora shares that despite the similarities between the Bulgarian market and those in other countries, the key differences lie in volumes and prices. This perspective helps entrepreneurs understand market dynamics and how they may affect their business strategies.

Teodora stresses that success in real estate comes with a dedication to quality service. According to her, there are four core principles that ERA applies every day: (1) Effective teamwork; (2) "First to serve" as a philosophy; (3) Continuous improvement and (4) Focus on job performance. These principles contribute to building strong relationships with clients and ensuring high quality services.

Paying attention to the current economic situation, Teodora discusses the challenges and opportunities of the real estate market in Bulgaria. With the experience gained during ERA's 50-year history, the company uses its knowledge and experience to overcome market fluctuations. It is important to emphasize that ERA does not simply react to challenges, but actively uses these moments for growth and innovation. Theodora emphasizes the importance of the annual National Realtor Conference, which will take place on January 26. This is an ideal forum for sharing strategies and experiences, and invites all interested parties to attend.

Teodora also emphasized ERA's unique approach to developing successful teams. Instead of looking for regular employees, ERA focuses on creating a community of franchise partners. This approach not only stimulates the sharing of knowledge and experience, but also promotes the growth of each individual team member. Teodora emphasizes the importance of this community in achieving high results and overcoming limitations.

Answering the question about ERA's innovations and strategies, Teodora talks about the introduction of new technologies and CRM systems that facilitate interaction with customers and improve internal processes. With the new CREDITERA.BG website , ERA offers an innovative approach to mortgage brokerage services, facilitating the application process and selection of loan products. These innovations underline ERA's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to customer needs.

Finally, Teodora gives advice to entrepreneurs in the real estate sector, encouraging them to seek partnerships with multinational companies such as ERA. She emphasizes that such partnerships lead to sustainable growth, sharing knowledge and experience in diverse market situations. In this way, ERA contributes significantly to increasing the quality of service, access to better offers and efficiency of brokers.

In conclusion, Teodora emphasizes the importance of active participation in industry events and trainings that keep entrepreneurs informed and connected with the latest news and trends. She urges readers to register for the upcoming ERA conference on January 26 and use this opportunity to expand their professional networks. Let's take an example from Teodora and ERA - invest in knowledge and partnerships, thus laying the foundations for sustainable business growth.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit the ERA website . Stay up-to-date with the latest news and opportunities in the real estate industry, and maybe your success story will be the next to be shared in Bulgarian Real Estate!


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