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Can a person's will and strong character be tempered?

Welcome to the world of sports, where strong character and unyielding will are the key to success and personal development. In this conversation with Georgi Ivanov, we will dive into the depths of these qualities and understand why they are essential not only for athletes, but also for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality. Let's learn together how to cultivate these valuable traits in ourselves and in our children.

"Willpower and strong character," says Georgi Ivanov, "are the engine of every successful athlete - and not only them." Through examples from his own experience, he illustrates how these qualities can overcome the obstacles life throws at us. Anyone who has this unwavering will is capable of following the path he has chosen, no matter the obstacles. George's approach to teaching children is simple - to learn from failures and move forward, always.

Learning through realization that "nothing is impossible" is vital and should be applied both in sport and in life outside of it. Ivanov talks about how hard work and perseverance lead to success. True will is shown when you reach the point of difficulty and choose not to give up.

The conversation develops into a dialogue about the upbringing and education of children in the spirit of sustainability and self-discipline. This includes not only physical development and health, but also teaching them the importance of failure and how to get back up after a fall with a head held high and a smile. "Only football is not just a game, it is a way of learning," Ivanov reminds us.

Is there room for luck in sports? According to Georgi, luck is part of the equation, but let's not forget - "he who works hard, luck rewards him."

We all struggle at times, but here comes the importance of resilience and the ability to overcome. We talk about how children become more flexible, adaptable and less prone to serious injuries when they play sports regularly and develop into healthy and disciplined individuals.

The motivation and desire for sports comes from the joy that the child feels when he feels involved and has the opportunity to be part of the game. In practice, children start playing sports because they want to be with their friends. Thus, stubbornness becomes achievement, and achievement becomes aspiration.

Stubbornness, when cultivated properly, becomes a strong will. Ivanov shows us that it is important to recognize the true strength in a child, to encourage and support it. Parents play an essential role in this process, monitoring the wishes and preferences of children and guiding them to the sports that attract them.

It also emphasizes the importance of parents educating and motivating their children, especially when they experience difficulty or lack of interest. Sometimes it is important to place the child in a new environment, to create connections with other children who are already involved in sports, to awaken interest and desire in them.

Comments on the role of mobile devices and their time-consuming effect on children are also noteworthy. With the benefit of restrictive measures during training and events, Ivanov tells us how to encourage children to communicate and energize themselves outside of the digital world they often inhabit.

When considering the differences between strong will and stubbornness, it is emphasized that stubbornness also has its positive side. This is the kind of zeal that, if channeled in the right direction, can be transformed into a strong motivation to succeed.

In conclusion, Georgi Ivanov reminds us of the importance of strong will and character not only in sports, but also in all aspects of life. Cultivating these qualities starts from an early age and is the responsibility of both coaches and parents. After all, true triumph is not measured by the number of victories, but by the ability to fall, get up and move forward with courage and confidence. This is the lesson we want to pass on to our children – a lesson of growth, persistence and perseverance.

Regardless of your child's age or interests, encouraging their athletic aspirations is key to building a healthy and resilient character. With this material, we share not only the insights of an experienced coach, but also challenge you, parents and managers, to look into the potential of your children. Let's find together ways to inspire and push them to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.


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