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Ezerovo Logistics Park, Varna: Investment opportunities with New House 1

Welcome to the next issue of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur", where today we will introduce you to Venelin Babanov, a partner in "New Dom No. 1 Real Estate Agency" and the founder of the company's investment tunnel. In his interview with us, Mr. Babanov examines the possibilities for investment in a logistics park in the Ezerovo duty-free zone, emphasizing the advantages and prospects that this project offers to Bulgarian businesses.

The location of Ezerovo logistics park, about 10-15 km from the port in the West, is its main advantage. This facilitates the delivery and distribution of goods, significantly reducing transport time and costs. Babanov emphasizes that the optimal geographical location of the park contributes to the efficiency and flexibility of the businesses that are established there.

Venelin Babanov explains that the logistics park is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for expansion and modernization of their production and storage facilities. He emphasizes the importance of personalization of spaces in the park, mentioning different options for the size of the areas that are available.

The financial aspect is another key element in the attractiveness of the logistics park. With the attractive price of 750 euros per sq.m. and the flexible payment scheme, Babanov emphasizes that the Ezerovo logistics park is an affordable and profitable option for businesses striving for growth and efficiency.

The potential for development of the park is huge, and Venelin Babanov emphasizes the possibilities for future expansion and constant improvement of the conditions in it. In addition, he shares his vision for the future of the logistics park, emphasizing the continuous growth of consumption and trade, which makes the logistics park even more attractive for investors.

Mr. Babanov emphasized the unique approach of "Ezerovo" to the management of human resources. He tells of a successful practice implemented in a nearby manufacturing base, where local people are employed who can easily reach their workplace. This approach not only reduces transportation and logistics costs, but also increases worker motivation and satisfaction. Babanov emphasizes that in the modern world, where labor is a valuable resource, such innovative solutions can be key to business success.

In addition, the interview also looks at the possibilities for personalizing the spaces in the park. Mr. Babanov explains that the buildings in the park are designed with flexibility, allowing businesses to tailor the space to their specific needs and requirements. This includes variations in the size of the areas and the height of the working spaces, which is especially important for companies with specific production processes.

For financial incentives and the payment scheme, Babanov presents a flexible approach that adapts to the needs and capabilities of businesses. This scheme allows companies to plan their financial resources more efficiently and reduce their initial investment.

In addition, Venelin Babanov shares an interesting story that highlights the importance of the human factor in business and how good leadership and innovative solutions can improve the work environment and productivity. This story complements the overall picture of Ezerovo Logistics Park as a place where businesses not only grow and develop, but also take care of their employees.

At the end of the interview, Mr. Babanov addressed a message to the audience of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur". He encourages businesses to invest in the Ezerovo logistics park, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and dynamic development. With its competitive prices, flexible areas and strategic location, the park offers unique opportunities for business expansion and increased operational efficiency.

For all interested businesses that want to expand their activities and optimize their logistics and production processes, the Ezerovo logistics park represents an excellent opportunity. For more information and investment opportunities, contact Venelin Babanov and don't forget to stay tuned for new articles and interviews in "Bulgarian Entrepreneur". Your business relationship starts here!


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