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"How a car is transformed with the magic of chip tuning — a conversation with Dimitar Dimitrov from Djigit Tuning"

When it comes to increasing the performance of our cars, the term "chip tuning" often comes up in conversation among car enthusiasts. Beyond mere notions, however, lies the mastery of technological innovation that can turn an ordinary car into a real powerful machine. And who better to walk us through this process than Dimitar Dimitrov, founder of Djigit Tuning and remapping expert?

To begin, Dimitar describes the essence of chip tuning (or remap, as it is also known), as a process of changing the software of automotive motor electronics. "We download the car's software, modify the parameters for the fuel mixture and the turbo , and send the optimized software back," he explains. This change aims to increase power and torque, which is especially sensitive for the driver during acceleration.

Looking at the advantages of remap, it is clear that the method is remotely accessible. "We have a dealer network in almost every city in the country, which makes it easier for our customers," says Dimitar, emphasizing the easy achievement of the desired results regardless of the customer's location.

Dimitar reveals that the tuning process is suitable for most modern cars — especially those after 2000 equipped with motor electronics. Cars with older technology can also be modified, although the procedure is more complicated.

Personalization is a key element in the services offered by Djigit Tuning. "We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions, but we create software tailored exactly to our client's needs," he clarifies. Every wish, whether it is to achieve certain acoustics in the exhaust system or to increase performance, is achievable thanks to their technological expertise.

We continue the conversation with thoughts on the future of chip tuning in a world where electric cars are becoming more prevalent and automotive electronics even more protected and complex. Dimitar is confident that innovation and its constant updating are the main key to success in the industry. "Every new software update is immediately in our arsenal," he confidently asserts. Chiptuning, or remap, as Dimitar explained to us, is a process where the car's software is downloaded, modified and returned with changed parameters to improve performance. It's about increasing the torque and horsepower - components that noticeably change the dynamics of the vehicle. Dimitar emphasized that all of these adjustments are made within the capabilities of standard parts, and component replacement is not always necessary to achieve the desired effect.

He shared about the various chiptuning options – from the basic stage 1, which is a software modification to increase power without changing the car's hardware, to stage 2 and changes that require modification of components such as turbo, injectors and exhaust system.

For more convenient customer service, Dimitrov revealed that the company has a dealer network throughout the country, which facilitates access to their services. He explained that customers can take advantage and send their car computer by courier to be set up remotely.

During our conversation, Dimitar commented that regardless of the model or age of the car, there are options for chiptuning, and older cars may require a physical replacement of the chips due to different communication with computers.

At the end of the talk, Dimitar shared that given the rapidly developing technologies in the automotive industry, the company has invested in the latest licensed technology to provide up-to-date solutions for all types of cars, including the latest models.

If you've felt the urge to unleash your car's potential, Djigit Tuning is available to meet your needs. Contact Dimitar and his team by visiting for more information.

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