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How Arte.Doc is changing the customer experience with Artina - their AI chatbot

Innovations are transforming the modern business world, and technological solutions are becoming constant companions in the daily processes of every industry. In the field of translation and legalization, where accuracy and speed are essential, artificial intelligence is bringing revolutionary changes. Alex from translation agency Arte.Doc takes us into the world of technological innovation, where chatbots are becoming indispensable tools for customer support.

Arte.Doc are pioneers in the translation industry with the integration of their chatbot Artina – an innovative solution created to meet the increasingly high demands for instant access to information. "In recent years, we have noticed a growing need for customers to get answers to their questions quickly and in real time. Studies show that by 2025, 50% of sales will be done through chatbots," Alex shares. "This trend required optimization of the work process and thus the idea of Artina was born," she adds.

"Since the creation of Arte.Doc 24 years ago, our mission has been to embrace innovation and technology so that we can not only provide better translation services, but also offer solutions to make it easier for customers," says Alex.

Artina is an innovation whose goal is customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Since Artina has been on our site, we've had 500 inquiries at around two, three or four in the morning. This shows that people work and complete their business tasks at different times. Consumers value the ability to get answers anytime and from anywhere in the world,” explains Alex.

"Artina significantly optimizes communication time. What's more, since the chatbot became part of the team, the company has seen increased interest in it, and we've been getting a lot of customer inquiries. Artina has become a tool for managing routine issues," she says and adds "Arte.Doc colleagues can now put all their energy into core activities, expert consultation on complex cases, and focus on maintaining high quality of translations".

However, Artina does more than just answer typical questions – she is trained to provide specialized information on the complex legalization process. This feature is extremely valuable to users, many of whom often feel lost among bureaucratic requirements.

Another functionality of the chatbot is the inquiry form, which opens directly in the chat window. This eliminates the need for additional navigation and searching for information on the site, which greatly facilitates customers.

With its intuitive interface, Artina facilitates unhindered and easy communication with clients, providing quick access to information about the services, rates and solutions that the translation agency Arte.Doc offers.

"In just 10 months, we have received over 92,000 customer inquiries through Artina," shares Alex from Arte.Doc. This is an indication of the undeniable role of artificial intelligence in optimizing customer service and business efficiency.

Customer feedback is extremely positive. Many of them are grateful for the efficiency and convenience that Artina offers.

Recognition of Arte.Doc's innovative approach also came from the invitation to present Artina at a prestigious international conference of the European Language Industry Association. The innovation of Arte.Doc was welcomed as a revolutionary progress in the translation industry, generating great interest from their foreign colleagues as well.

The vision of Arte.Dok translation agency for the future continues to be aimed at continuous improvement and development. "At the moment, Artina is available in Bulgarian and English. We are planning to introduce 7 more languages, which will meet the needs of more and more international customers," reveals Alex. In addition, the company has recently introduced a new high-quality neural translation service with expert editing, creating opportunities for fast, cost-effective and accurate translation solutions.

To our readers who are looking for innovations in interaction with customers or who need expert translation services - rely on the professionals from Arte.Doc. You can contact them by email: or by phone on 0896 731 605.

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