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How does the new MBA Mentor program train future leaders in business and personal development?

The modern, highly dynamic world of business requires constant adaptation to the new reality. However, in order for a person to adapt, he must acquire new knowledge and skills. Realizing this, Stoyana Natseva from the Happy Life Academy implemented a new MBA program to prepare the business leaders of the future. In an exclusive conversation with "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine, Stoyana revealed more details about the newly opened program.

What is the main goal of the new MBA Mentor program?

"MBA MENTOR - PERSONAL AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT" is a program prepared jointly with the OEAEP University, Prague on my own technology and accredited by Histes, Germany for compliance with the highest international training standards.

The training "MBA Mentor - personal and business development" is an additional professional qualification and guarantees a high quality of acquired knowledge and permanent acquisition of professional habits in practicing and consulting in life and business coaching, mentoring, entrepreneurship, leadership, habits for managing business processes, process management, conducting live and online seminars and trainings. The program leads to the expansion of professional competences, as well as the easy imposition of the professional as a sought-after specialist.

THE DIPLOMA FROM OEAER UNIVERSITY, PRAGUE is recognized worldwide. This gives coaches and consultants unlimited opportunities to improve their personal, career or business fulfillment and the opportunity to start their own coaching business

MASTER BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is a highly valued and accepted business education degree worldwide and I am proud that we can offer our clients high quality knowledge at affordable prices.

How does the program differentiate itself from other MBA programs in the international market?

The program contains 728 hours of study (231 lectures and 497 hours of practice) in 12 core modules

  1. Basics of DSC Coaching

  2. Business Coaching DCS

  3. Academy for coaches and consultants

  4. Basics of DCS Constellations

  5. Business Constellations DCS








The "MBA MENTOR - PERSONAL AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT" program is distinguished by

  • clear, deep and systematized knowledge

  • specific methodology and growth strategy

  • numerous practical exercises for permanent assimilation of knowledge and creation of sustainable habits

  • the technology for ecological holding of sessions

  • mentoring by a mentor

  • a system for building a personal coaching business

  • degree from a university accepted in 190 countries

  • guaranteed quality of the program addressed by HISTES

  • thousands of great links from our students who have already completed courses from the program

What is the role of the practical part in the training and how is it organized?

"MBA MENTOR - PERSONAL AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT" is offered in an extremely affordable distance learning form. All practical classes are held online according to a previously announced schedule. There are also practical exercises for independent work.

Practical classes are an extremely important part of the training, because in them the students consolidate their knowledge and acquire skills, habits and confidence. This is, in fact, one of the things that distinguishes the training at the "Happy Life" Academy - the completely practical orientation and mentoring by a mentor, as well as an extremely high implementation of what we have learned from our programs in the personal and professional lives of the students.

Are there specific requirements for applying to the program?

The "MBA Mentor - Personal and Business Development" program is open for applications to people with secondary, secondary special or higher education.

It is necessary for each participant to have internet and a telephone in order to fully participate in the program.

What feedback have you received from students who have already graduated?

Our programs have completed 100,000 students from all over the world. Millions have watched our free trainings. Already over 3000 certified coaches and coaching specialists have completed our courses and a very large percentage of them have started their own coaching business. Others note rapid career growth based on the knowledge gained. Happy Life Academy has numerous local and international awards at various forums, including Company of the Year in the Training, Personal and Business Development category for 2022, Company of the Year in the Education category for 2023, Top Brand of the decade, Grand Prize Universe Vienna 2022, etc.

I am truly infinitely grateful for the thousands of positive feedbacks about the changes of our students after our trainings. Some of the reviews are available on the Facebook page, as well as on our YouTube channel.

If you are ready to conquer new business heights, do not hesitate and start your training in the program. You can contact Stoyana for more information and consultation at


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