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Innovative approaches in credit intermediation: Improving business financing in Bulgaria

In the latest issue of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine, we are pleased to present you an inspiring interview with Iva - the founder of Smart Credit. Iva is an expert with extensive banking experience who decided to transfer his knowledge and skills to the field of credit intermediaries. She shares her philosophy, approach to lending and her vision for the real estate market. Her story exemplifies the success that can be achieved through passion, knowledge and dedication to clients.

The path to creating a Smart Credit

"I started in one of the big Bulgarian banks," says Iva. "Over time, I felt that I could offer more in the field of lending. That's where the idea for Smart Credit came from - a credit intermediary that combines personal experience and a practical approach to the client's needs."

The philosophy of Smart Credit

"For us, it's not just about financial services," explains Iva. “Each client has their own unique case and we strive to offer the best option according to their needs and goals. We partner with banks to ensure our customers get great deals that are right for them.”

Uniqueness of Smart Credit

"What sets us apart is the personalized approach," says Iva. "Each member of our team has a high level of competence that allows us to offer our clients the best services. We are there for them throughout the process – from the beginning to the end of the deal.”

The role of banks and their influence on the real estate market

"Banks are key in Umen Kredit's business," says Iva. "We maintain an excellent relationship with them, which allows us to negotiate better terms for our customers." In recent years, thanks to low interest rates, the demand for property has increased significantly."

Property market forecast and financial planning advice

"I predict that the property market will continue to grow in 2024," says Iva. "I advise those who are hesitating to buy a property not to be afraid of the investment. With proper financial planning, buying a home can be one of the best moves."

Iva presents us with a comprehensive view of the world of lending and the role of the banking sector. The Umen Kredit team shows that success comes not only by offering quality services, but also by building trust and understanding the unique needs of each client.

Iva ends the interview with the motivating words: "Let 2024 be a year of realized dreams and financial stability for everyone. At Smart Credit, we are here to support you and help you achieve your goals!"


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