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Is the demand for health insurance growing and why?

Hello, dear readers of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine. In today's issue, we meet you with Georgi Mishev - director at Uni State Broker, a pioneer company in the field of insurance in Bulgaria. In our interview, Georgi provides interesting ideas about trends in the field of health insurance and analyzes the reasons for its increasing relevance.

We are happy to welcome Georgi to our column and express our gratitude for the shared knowledge and experience. "Recent years have led to significant interest in personalized health insurance," he says. “People are now demanding coverage that covers services both at home and around the world, with an emphasis on hospital care and specialist medical examinations.” The industry has changed – insurance products are no longer exclusive to the elite, but have become an integral part of planning for secure future.

In view of rising health care costs and the additional fees required by the National Health Insurance Fund, Bulgarians are looking for new strategies to address these challenges. Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that co-payments in the country often exceed 60%, which is far above the EU average. This dynamic leads us to the conclusion that Bulgarian citizens are actively looking for health insurance to guarantee quick and easy access to high-quality medical services.

"Medical professionals also have their influence," stresses Georgi. He analyzed that the shortage of general practitioners in the country leads to long waiting times and limited access to medical services. Health insurance offers an alternative, enabling insured persons to have wider access to medical facilities and specialist medical consultations.

"Interest in health insurance continues to grow in business circles as well," admits Georgi Mishev from Uni State Broker. "For the past few months, we have felt the strong desire of small and medium-sized enterprises to invest in the health of their employees," he adds. This shows that the business actively participates in the cultivation of a healthy financial and insurance environment in Bulgaria.

In response to this demand, insurers are developing increasingly flexible plans. "Our focus is on building long-term relationships with customers, which can only be achieved if we offer them solutions that truly meet their needs," Mishev explains. According to him, the trend is towards the individualization of health insurance, in order to cover the specific requirements of each enterprise.

Georgi also says that there is an increased interest in insurance, with which parents wish to ensure a good education for their children in foreign universities. "Our customers need to be sure that we stand behind them and are ready to support them in any situation related to their insurance," states Georgi. He emphasizes that conscious participation in the insurance process and the selection of appropriate insurances fully tailored to specific needs are key to protecting both businesses and people.

Uni State Broker actively works on increasing awareness and awareness when choosing an insurance product. They provide detailed information on the coverages and terms of their policies, aiming to reduce the information gap and assist customers in the decision-making process.

The director of Uni State Broker emphasizes the importance of active business participation in the insurance sector. He urges companies not to compromise on the needs of their employees and choose their insurance solutions with care and understanding of the terms and coverages offered.

For those looking to optimize their insurance plans and invest in the health and safety of their team, Uni State Broker offers a personalized approach and a wide range of services. For more information and collaboration opportunities, make an inquiry using the contact information provided at the end of this material. And a subscription to "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" will ensure that you stay up to date with the latest innovations in the field of business and insurance.


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