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Passive houses: the future of energy-efficient construction in Bulgaria

With the rising prices of electricity, its efficient use ceases to be a choice and becomes an absolute necessity. Eng. Dimitar Ivanov, founder of Cheh Plast, has dedicated his professional career to the manufacture of high-quality PVC and aluminum joinery, which lays the foundations of passive houses - the icon of energy saving.

"Since 2007, we have been developing the concept of windows and doors for passive construction and we have noticed that it is generating more and more interest," Dimitar shares. Together with certified architects and designers, he works on the possibilities of building passive houses on the Bulgarian market, which offer minimal energy consumption.

"Only 15 kWh per square meter per year is the required energy for heating and air conditioning of passive houses. This is a significantly low consumption," emphasizes Eng. Ivanov.

Although the initial construction costs may exceed the usual by up to 30%, in the long term, thanks to the energy savings, these investments prove extremely reasonable. "This is especially important with current market trends and the growing demand for sustainable solutions," he adds.

The passive house rethinks construction standards, with every element - from thermal insulation to windows - aimed at maximum efficiency. "The integration of high-insulation windows does not disturb the comfort and friendliness of the home," states Dimitar.

He emphasizes the importance of passive houses for environmental protection, which is also very important for the sustainable development of our country.

Cheh Plast points the way to increasing economic and living efficiency through the construction of passive houses, giving an example with its successful project in Plovdiv.

The innovation of Dimitar Ivanov and his team is manifested through the impressive results of their passive house in Plovdiv - despite its 250 square meters, the house has a symbolic monthly heating cost of only BGN 105. "This is a concrete example of the efficiency of passive construction - minimal costs and a significant reduction of the carbon footprint," emphasized Dimitar.

Cheh Plast does not just offer construction solutions, they promote a complete philosophy of energy efficiency and thermal insulation, presenting the best practices in responsible construction. "The virtuoso mastery of thermal insulation techniques and the creation of intelligent sun protection systems are what establish us as a preferred partner in the field of sustainable innovation," shares Dimitar.

Eco-friendliness goes beyond the boundary of the construction technology itself, extending its influence to the materials used - their origin and method of delivery. "We choose only locally produced, environmentally friendly materials to reduce our impact on the environment and create homes that are warm and cozy," Dimitar states.

As for the future, Czech Plast not only advertises its approach, but also strives to make the public aware of the advantages of passive houses. Brochures, workshops and personal consultations are part of an active commitment to raising awareness.

Our conversation with Dimitar Ivanov for "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine reinforced our belief that information about energy efficiency can guide many households to a cleaner and more economical future. Passive houses are not just a temporary fad, but a conscious choice for those looking for energy independence and sustainability.

If you are also interested in energy efficient solutions, contact Cheh Plast at for additional questions and consultations.


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