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The details in the interior

Interior design plays a key role in creating home comfort or building an office space, not limited to aesthetic value. It is the art that transforms ordinary spaces into places filled with feelings, style and functionality.

In this article, we'll look at some of the basic principles in interior design that help interior design professionals create inspiring and practical spaces. To learn more about the details in the interior, today we will meet you with Alexandra from The Fever Lab.

What is the "magnificent five" in design?

In interior design, every detail matters and plays an important role in creating the overall look. There is no universal recipe for creating perfect interior , but there are several key ingredients that are mandatory if we want the result to be impressive. These elements we refer to as the "magnificent five" in design.

How does harmony in the interior affect the perception of space?

The overall feeling that an interior conveys should above all radiate harmony. It is imperative that there is harmony between the interior lines and elements, so as not to create disparate concepts, which would create a cluttered look. Unless we're looking for an eclectic look that could also be sophisticated and elegant with the right pieces. When the interior goes in one line, the harmony in the design is successfully achieved.

How do you strike a balance between the different elements in the design?

There should be a balance in the interior in everything - in styles, furniture, colors, materials, fabrics, decoration, etc. In order to create a comfortable interior, the sense of balance must be felt not only in the overall look, but also be found individually in every corner.

Why are practicality and functionality key in design?

Practicality and functionality set both the starting point of design and the final phase of the realization of the given interior. Regardless of whether it is a residential or public building, practicality always goes hand in hand with vision. Creating a maximum functional distribution of the space and an appropriate arrangement of the furniture in it is extremely important. The more practical an interior is, the more comfortable and desirable it is.


How is comfort integrated into different types of interiors?

The interpretation of comfort is site-specific and must be reflected in the interior. For homes, comfort is a sense of coziness, tranquility and the opportunity to relax, for office interiors - convenience, an inspiring vision and conditions that enhance productivity. In restaurants, comfort is expressed not only in comfortable furniture, but also in the selection of a range of colors and materials to predispose the client, to create a cozy atmosphere and calmness. The use of comfortable furniture, appropriate decoration and paying special attention to details help to create a design in which comfort is visible from afar.

How does creativity change the concept of design?

Creativity is the crown jewel of good design. Through it, interior perfections are created, which successfully combine a beautiful look with a functional application. Creativity is what distinguishes different interior designs, even though they are intended for the same purposes.

What does it mean to focus on individuality in interior design?

Good design is a mission possible. When it has the elements of a "magnificent five", everything can't help but take its rightful place. Every interior project is a challenge that must be approached boldly, with professionalism and above all with personal attitude. Let the space express your personality, that of your target audience, your customers or your brand.

How can a professional interior designer help create a unique interior?

Betting on individuality, you will feel at home every time you open the door of your home, your office, your restaurant. Working with an interior designer will give you the opportunity not to follow established rules, but to create your own and to be able to experiment in the best way for your interior.


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