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The new generation of banking: The benefits of cooperation with tbi bank and the possibilities of installment shopping

In today's issue of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine, we will learn more about the advantages and unique benefits of tbi bank's services. Our guest was Galin Stratiev, Business organizer at the bank.

We started with tbi bank's concept of 'fee-free living' and how it affects the bank's customers. Galin revealed that the tbi bank family has no secrets and aims for complete transparency towards their customers. "That was exactly the reason why they were satisfied in all kinds of ways, starting with the small steps - removing the fees," he adds. The bank offers free opening and servicing of current accounts, an unlimited number of transfers in leva and euros without fees, as well as payment of household bills, again without additional fees.

We were also able to learn more about the idea behind the neon payment card and its benefits for users. It is the first product of its kind on the Bulgarian market, with which the client has the opportunity to manage his own savings, payment plans, household payments - all with one click through his mobile phone. "We can also consider neon as a hybrid product between a debit card and a shopping card, and the "Shopping Limit" option in itself is unique to the market," Galin explained. This tool allows any single purchase, whether at the grocery store or the clothing store, to be spread over 3 installments without interest, or over 6 or 9 monthly installments with 1.5% appreciation.

At the same time, thanks to the 2.1% annual interest on the current account, the neon card could also bring additional profitability. In addition, through the application, the bank's customers can open a deposit under the best conditions on the Bulgarian market - annual interest of up to 3.2%.

tbi bank also offers an intriguing installment shopping system that can help businesses and their customers. It's a tool any business can use to grow their portfolio of new customers by offering them the fastest digital approval and service. tbi bank is the first bank in Bulgaria from 2020 to offer a fully digital process for its customers, and from 2023 this also applies to the launch of a partnership. "According to statistical studies, 75% of customers leave without making a purchase, this is where our solutions can benefit businesses as customers can get what they need now and pay for it later Galin shared. tbi bank also provides a personalized payment method in the online space for all platforms operating on the Bulgarian market, even those without a shopping cart. "For the last 5 years, we have financed every fifth Bulgarian, giving the opportunity to be approved for amounts from BGN 100 to BGN 30,000, literally within 15 minutes," he added.

tbi bank also regularly presents campaigns related to a discount on the price of goods or an interest-free loan, and the bank's motivational program in the application is already active - a number of surprises, including attractive excursions, await customers there.


"How does tbi bank maintain its competitiveness in the market, especially in the sector of consumer credit and banking services?" - we asked Galin.

He shared that "at tbi bank we always strive to feel the pulse of the market, relying on our colleagues who are on the front line in the office and again with impeccable and digital service we manage to respond to customer needs and wishes. We are also competitive with a number of solutions such as the deferred payment option, which is a preferred method by customers of all ages. We have long since crossed the boundaries of our familiar payout goods and are entering more and more non-standard industries and verticals. We constantly organize and participate in seminars and events aimed at sharing good practices, developing the business and expanding its potential."


From the point of view of added value, tbi bank as an innovator in the digitalization of banking services strives to always distinguish itself with the details that are important to our customers and partners. The first with a completely paperless process, the only ones that make payments every 30 minutes to their trading partners, so that they can operate their finances on the same day and the neon card, which is unique not only in its color but also in the possibilities it offers. In addition to the mobile application, a landing page has been created, through which the bank informs customers about potential offers at trading partners.


tbi bank's long-term goal is to unify all its products and trading partners into one customer-friendly ecosystem.

And for those of you who don't know yet - the neon card is already available in Apple and Google digital wallets and any customer can add it.


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