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The spirit of revival among the coming generations is dying.

What is the "revival spirit" for you and why do you think it is important for the coming generations?

At Da Graffs, the "renaissance spirit" means a drive for innovation and sustainable progress important to new generations. It fosters creativity and innovation, key to societal development, culture and science, while prompting a rethinking of traditions for contemporary challenges. The renaissance spirit is a key factor in supporting innovation and ensuring sustainable development and progress for generations to come.

Where does the observation that the revivalist spirit among young people is weakening or disappearing come from?

Young people often lose the revival spirit due to social and cultural changes, including technology and fast-paced life, which lead to a shift away from traditions. Lack of support or inspiration from the environment, as well as challenges in the educational system, can limit the development of creativity and self-realization of young people.

Can you give examples of contemporary initiatives or activities that, in your opinion, successfully convey the renaissance spirit of young people?

Contemporary initiatives that successfully convey the renaissance spirit of young people include street art and graffiti festivals, heritage education programs, social projects and activism, and technological innovations for education and culture. These activities encourage creativity, engagement and social activity in young people, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and connect with community and cultural heritage.

What is the role of education and schools in preserving and promoting the revivalist spirit among the coming generations?

Education and schools play a key role in preserving and promoting the revivalist spirit among future generations by providing knowledge of history and culture and stimulating creativity. Support for cultural and artistic initiatives at school stimulates interest in the revival spirit and helps preserve cultural heritage. Finally, education develops empathy and social responsibility, which is essential for keeping young people connected to their roots and for a regenerative spirit in society.

How can technology and social media be used to revive and promote the revivalist spirit among young people?

Technology and social media are providing new ways to engage young people with the revival spirit. Through online educational resources, social media campaigns and virtual field trips to cultural landmarks, young people can learn about and be inspired by history and culture. Online events and platforms for sharing creative projects provide an opportunity for active participation and exchange of ideas, which stimulates their interest in cultural heritage and revival spirit.

In your opinion, what is the responsibility of the community and families for the preservation and transmission of the revival values and spirit to the new generations?

The responsibility of the community and families to preserve and transmit the revival values and spirit to the new generations is essential. For me, families have the task of passing these values down through the generations, incorporating them into their daily lives, telling about traditions, practicing customs and encouraging interest in the country's culture and history

What concrete steps can be taken by various social and cultural institutions to restore and stimulate the revivalist spirit among the coming generations?

Various social and cultural institutions can take a number of concrete steps to restore and stimulate the revivalist spirit among the coming generations. This includes organizing educational programs and events that focus on the history and culture of the revival movement, including interactive workshops where young people can express their ideas through graffiti art. Support for arts and culture is essential, funding and organizing exhibitions, concerts and other events to reflect the revival spirit. Strengthening the connection with the community can be achieved through community activities and initiatives, such as cleaning up public places where graffiti creativity can be allowed as a form of expression. Using technology and social media is an excellent way to reach a wider audience by sharing inspirational messages and materials that incorporate elements of graffiti art. The preservation and protection of cultural heritage is also important, maintaining and protecting historical sites and monuments that inspire and respect the revival spirit.


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