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Trends in consumer demand for insurance products in Bulgaria

In the world of business, where unforeseen circumstances often decide fates, insurance becomes a key strategy for resilience and security. In this context, Emil Yonidov, the founder of Uni State Broker, represents a figure of innovation and progress in the field of insurance. In his interview with "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine, Emil examines the changes in consumer needs and offers unique solutions to protect health and property.

The changed needs in insurance after COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically transformed global priorities, particularly affecting the insurance sector. Emil Yonidov emphasizes that the pandemic has increased people's awareness of their own health and life, which has led to a growing interest in additional health and life insurance products. He notes that despite the unchanged trends in motor insurance, property insurance still remains undervalued, with only 15% of people choosing to protect their home.

Uni State Broker's unique protection

Speaking about Uni State Broker's approach, Emil explains that the firm strives to offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of clients. Specialized packages include a variety of coverage options such as third party liability and natural disaster coverage. It emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and adapting the insurance product to them.

Choosing the right insurance product

Emil Yonidov advises potential clients, especially those entering the real estate market, to consult an insurance broker. He explains that the complexity of insurance products can often be confusing for unprepared customers. Uni State Broker analyzes the variety of options on the market to offer the most suitable and customized solutions, avoiding the "pitfalls" in the general terms and conditions of the products.

Adaptive health insurance for the new era

In the context of health insurance, Emil Yonidov emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptability to the individual needs of clients. At Uni State Broker, they approach each client with individual attention, analyzing their specific needs in order to offer the most effective and appropriate insurance solutions. This underscores the company's strategy of a personalized approach, which is especially important in the dynamic and increasingly complex world of health insurance.

Building confidence and peace of mind

The purpose of Uni State Broker, as Emil explains, is not just to offer insurance products, but also to build confidence and peace of mind in its customers. Realizing the importance of protection in uncertain times, the company strives to provide comprehensive and comprehensive coverage to ensure maximum security and protection. This approach is particularly valuable in the context of the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by businesses and individuals.

Emil Yonidov also emphasizes the importance of an educational approach to customers. Understanding insurance products and their applicability can be complex, which is why Uni State Broker invests time and resources in informing and educating its clients. This approach not only makes it easier to choose the right insurance product, but also helps customers make informed decisions, which is essential for their long-term security and well-being.

In conclusion, the interview with Emil Yonidov from Uni State Broker presents us with a clear picture of the dynamically developing world of insurance. With an emphasis on customization, complexity and an educational approach, the company positions itself as a reliable partner in health and property protection efforts. For readers interested in innovative and adaptable insurance solutions, Uni State Broker offers professionalism and care that meet the high standards of today's business world. Do not miss the opportunity to contact Emil Yonidov and his team for more detailed information and personalized offers!


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