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Viva AIM's Road to Success: From Family Tradition to Leading Coffee Brand

With its rich history and family tradition, Viva AiM rises in the world of coffee as a symbol of quality, innovation and persistence. In this article, we will take a look at the company's unique journey, as told by Anna, and reveal the secrets of their success in the food industry.

The story of Viva AIM begins with a chance meeting of Anna's parents with a businessman from Italy. This meeting laid the foundations of the company in 1992. The start of the company was not easy. Anna says that the difficulties only strengthened the spirit of the team and gave an impetus to development.

The variety of coffee varieties is a key aspect of Viva AiM's strategy. The company strives to satisfy every customer desire, offering also customized blends with customer logos. In order to guarantee the high quality, Viva AiM follows strict procedures for the selection and storage of the raw coffee, thus ensuring optimal conditions for each bean.

Focus on quality is paramount. The company purchases raw materials from verified regions, carefully monitoring each stage of the process - from delivery to tasting. Anna emphasizes the importance of the naturalness of the product and the refusal to add artificial flavors or water to the coffee.

The main difficulties in starting the factory included competition and maintaining high quality standards. However, Viva AiM managed to establish itself in the market thanks to its persistence and highly qualified team. Modern trends in coffee consumption also influence the company's business strategy, as they strive to satisfy the growing interest in different varieties and preparation methods.

Anna shares that managing a family business in the coffee sector in Bulgaria is a challenge that requires constant adaptation to trends and keeping customers' attention.

Viva AIM understands the importance of adapting to modern trends in the coffee industry. We observe that in Bulgaria there is a transition towards a more conscious consumption of coffee. Customers are increasingly interested in different varieties and brewing methods, such as V60 and Chemex. Viva AiM responds to these changes by offering a wide assortment of quality coffees and modern preparation methods to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding consumer.

Managing a family business in Bulgaria is full of specific challenges, especially in a competitive environment with established brands. Anna emphasizes the importance of persistence, adaptation to new trends and the desire to develop, which is the basis of Viva AIM's success. According to her, keeping customers' attention is key and requires continuous innovation and providing high quality products.

Finally, Anna shares her advice for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the food industry. Her advice is to not give up and put heart, persistence and time into your passion. She believes that if one works with love and perseverance, success is inevitable.

At the end of the day, Viva AIM is a true success story filled with hardship, perseverance and innovation. The family spirit, the adaptation to market changes and the uncompromising pursuit of high quality are key success factors. This story is inspirational for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed in the dynamic world of business.

If you want to know more about Viva AIM and their products, or if you are looking for a quality partnership in the coffee industry, do not hesitate to contact Anna at +359 895 431 301. Follow the magazine "Bulgarian entrepreneur" for more inspiring stories and advice from the business world.


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