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What determines the success of any business event?

What are the most underrated elements in the organization of business events in your professional opinion?

Underestimation can be in many different aspects. Each event is multi-component and requires good logistics, spatial distribution, to be organized at a level, with well-qualified personnel in terms of both the organization and the execution of the task. A significant personnel resource is associated with each event. This also reflects on satisfaction with the event. The human factor has an impact at every stage of the event. Decisions taken rightly or wrongly carry the greatest weight. A well-thought-out and well-organized event can create a very positive impression and feel about a company's image, but the opposite is also true in full force.

Can you share an example where an overlooked aspect of the event was key to its success?

In addition to being an organizer, I am also sometimes present as a guest at corporate events. I will share my impressions of the last event I attended. The organization was at an internal company level, and the lack of awareness and familiarity with the specifics of the location led to the crowding of many people in a small space during the cocktail party. The air conditioning could not compensate for the presence of so many people, it was too warm and uncomfortable, and there was no free space even to pass and move. At the cocktail party, there was only a sweetened champagne drink, no water or other soft drinks were provided. The absence was palpable, and for more than an hour in which I attended the cocktail party. During the Gala evening, the hall was improperly arranged and the dance floor part was badly damaged as a space. The menu was poorly selected, with repetitive meat items. No specific information was submitted for people with special dietary needs. I also had remarks about the service. I could go on, but I don't want to go into details that would impress only one organizer.

How do you approach the planning and execution of business events to ensure that every detail contributes to the overall atmosphere?

Individually. This is the only way to achieve customer satisfaction. I am used to our clients having high requirements and criteria for the quality of service, and they are recognized in me because I myself possess them. An event must be discussed in detail so that I can be fully informed at the organization what is expected as the end result. Once I am familiar with the goals of an event, then I suggest different elements to distinguish and contribute to a more special feeling of the atmosphere of the event.

Are there specific strategies you use to discover and optimize these undervalued elements of event planning?

Rather, I would say that I draw on my experience and often give examples and justify why an element of the event is so important. One of the most important things is that the event is personalized and well represents the company's brand. A small gesture, with an individual attitude towards the guest, always contributes to the good impression of an event.

How is the impact of these elements on event success and participant satisfaction measured?

If an event is well organized and well conducted, it will be talked about for a long time. In my opinion, corporate events are actually one of the best strategic advertising tools. They can influence the impressions and attitude formation of all customers and partners present.


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