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Why don't your decisions come true?

Expect an opportunity for change with Mark de Turk - the founder of FreeBoss. In this issue of Bulgarian Entrepreneur, we are pleased to introduce you to the man who is rewriting the rules of leadership and people management with his unique approach.

"It's an honor to be here and share my strategy for success," Mark begins. Although the idea of the Law of Attraction has been popularized thanks to the book and movie The Secret, Mark brings clarity and practicality to this theory. "Virtually many have heard of the 'Law of Attraction,' but understanding it is often as abstract as it is inaccessible."

With a realistic eye, Mark emphasizes the importance of actions and decisions and how they are key to making real progress. "At FreeBoss, we teach a unique method that helps people not only visualize their desires and dreams, but also turn them into reality."

Mark says that in an upcoming webinar that FreeBoss is hosting, people will learn not only why the Law of Attraction often remains only in our minds, but also how to go about putting it into practice. “I promise you it will be exciting. We will show precisely and clearly the processes that allow people to see the practical and real path to their desires."

Sharing his knowledge, Mark highlights the common misconceptions that stand between people and their goals. "We all want instant success, but the truth is, it takes effort and sometimes time."

Mark also emphasizes the importance of measurable results. "Every decision in business should have a measurable goal," he stated. According to him, the key to success lies in analyzing data and adapting strategies according to real results. The creator of FreeBoss also emphasized that innovation should be at the core of any business concept, and to be afraid of change is to leave our business in the past.

Among the stories shared, Mark talked about the challenge of bringing a new product to market and how his team overcame that hurdle. "Customers didn't know they needed our product until we showed them how it could solve their everyday problems," he mentioned.

Mark also revealed to us his approach to staff training and the promotion of personal development within the company. He emphasized the investment in people, which is as important as the investment in products and services. He urged the audience to strive to create a culture of learning organizations where everyone has the opportunity to grow and contribute to the common success.

Mark urged us all to make bold decisions and not fear the unknown. "Taking risks and experimenting is the essence of entrepreneurship. Don't hesitate to explore new territories - that's how the greatest opportunities are discovered," he stated.

In closing, Mark made an appeal: “Maintain a culture of innovation in your business and be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Come on February 20th at 4:00pm for our Why Your Resolutions Don't Happen - Online Webinar and we'll show you how to turn your desires and goals into reality"

For more information about FreeBoss, Mark de Turk and the upcoming webinar, please visit . Don't forget to also follow our social media channels for more inspiring stories from the world of business.


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