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Why property seekers should choose Nov Dom 1 as the best real estate agency

Choosing a real estate agency is more than just a transaction - it is a dialogue that enriches the client's vision and expectations. In our conversation with Yordan Yordanov, co-owner and executive director of the New Home 1 Real Estate Agency, we understand the importance of individual service that distinguishes his company as a leader in the industry.

Yordanov believes that the "best agency" is one that meets the unique needs of its clients and puts serious effort into building trust and loyalty.

"When it comes to working with customers, we have a special approach and offer exceptionally good service. Our team studies our customers' preferences in detail, turning them into plans and strategies."

The key to the success of New Home 1 is not only personalization, but also avoiding false promises and providing misleading information. Yordanov clarifies that the company maintains a realistic approach, paying attention to every aspect of the correct presentation of properties to clients.

The agency is also unique in terms of additional services provided. "We have several key departments - legal, accounting, credit and investment - that take care of clients' peace of mind," explains Yordanov and adds: "This gives us the opportunity to offer complex support for making smart investments and achieving stable financial results."

"Behind the scenes of every transaction is our legal department, guaranteeing the integrity and safety of investments with the help of flawless contractual clauses. With the help of the credit department, customers get the best possible financing conditions," he adds.


The agency also deals professionally with real estate investments. In 2014, New Home 1 created its innovative "Make Money While You Rest" program, which currently has a 100% success rate. "Our agency works hard to make real estate investing a successful and affordable venture. The team of the "Investments" department looks for the most attractive offers on the market and directs them directly to people who want profitable investments. The "Make Money While You Rest" program provides investors with the freedom to accumulate real profits while we take over the activity of managing and searching for the best deals," says Yordanov.

He recognizes that in the context of inflation and the volatile real estate market, there are no absolute guarantees. However, the strict procedures and careful selection of partners and investments, as well as the agency's desire to negotiate the best terms, reduce the risk to a minimum. This provides customers with not only peace of mind, but also a solid foundation for their financial security.

"Our principle is simple - we work only with verified partners and with our personal investments. Achieving success is also closely related to the expertise of our consultants, who work entirely for the benefit of the client. Their professionalism establishes us at the forefront of the market," says Yordanov.

Stories proving the effectiveness of their strategy are numerous. Yordanov tells about a client who, with a minimum investment of 1,000 euros, increased his capital fivefold in half a year. Or another who started with 28,000 euros in 2019 and to date has a capital of 120,000 - 140,000 euros.

"The relationship we maintain with each of our clients after a transaction is completed is an integral part of our long-term partnership philosophy. When the customer has received quality service and personal attention, he turns to us again. We believe that customer satisfaction is the strongest engine for growth," concludes Yordanov.

In conclusion, Nov Dom 1 agency assures you that your interests and investments will be taken care of with the highest degree of professionalism. Contact us and together we will achieve your real estate goals. Embrace courage, be determined, and invite success into your future!


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