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What is
Start Young?

"Start Young" is an event of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine and "Start Young" Foundation, which transforms the lives of young people!

It's a unique journey from casting to final, filled with innovation, education and exciting challenges.

Guided by inspiring mentors, participants develop real startups, create value and learn lessons that transform the future or intern at established companies and fight for a permanent employment contract.

Here, everyone has the chance to connect with like-minded people, discuss ideas with business leaders and get feedback, as well as find their dream job.

Participation is completely free for young people, and our mission is to inspire, educate and promote the next generation of enterprising Bulgarians. Together we can turn dreams into reality, harness the power of community and create real change


Footage from our event in Sofia

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How does one go
an event?

19:00 BEGINNING of castings


The young people will present their startup idea for 40 seconds and will have the opportunity to contact a mentor from the business, with whom they can develop a business plan and present the ready-made opportunity to a jury and investors who will support the idea. HALL LOOKING FOR A JOB:

Young people will present themselves within 40 seconds and will have the opportunity to be hired on an internship, and after that on a permanent employment contract.

21:00 END


The world of business awaits you
become a part of it now


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10 reasons to participate in Start Young

1. Access to Expert Mentoring: Having a mentor with industry experience can provide invaluable guidance, from refining your business idea to overcoming the challenges of starting a business.

2.Networking Opportunities: Start Young attracts a diverse group of people, including investors, potential co-founders and other entrepreneurs.

3. Validation and Feedback: Presenting your idea to a panel of judges and peers allows you to get constructive feedback.

4.Funding and Awards: Start Young offers cash awards that can significantly help in the early stages of launching your startup.

5. Learning Experience: Participation in Zapochni Mlad is a learning experience offering seminars and panels on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

6. Visibility: Your participation in Start Young can increase the visibility of your startup.

7. Team Building: For people looking to build or expand their team, Start Young is a great place to meet like-minded people who share their passion and can bring valuable skills to their business.

8. Market Testing: The event can serve as a platform to test your product or service in front of a live audience, giving you an opportunity to gain insight into market demand and potential improvements or iterations that are needed.

9. Motivation and inspiration: Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs and innovators can be extremely motivating. The energy and ambition of Start Young can inspire you to push your limits and strive for success.
10. Long-term support: Start Young is designed not only as a competition, but also as an incubator for long-term growth. The connections that are made and the support network that is established can continue to benefit your startup far into the future.


Reviews of Start Young

Human Human

Company Ltd

"My participation as a mentor in the 'Start Young' event was an extremely inspiring and enriching experience. Seeing so many young and ambitious entrepreneurs ready to present their innovative ideas reminded me why I got into entrepreneurship. Working with these enthusiasts and sharing of my experience and knowledge with them has been extremely satisfying. I believe Start Young plays a critical role in developing future business leaders."

Human Human

Participant with a business idea: Idea Idea

"My attendance at Start Young was an amazing journey from start to finish. I received valuable advice from mentors who truly understand how to navigate the challenges of starting a business. The networking opportunities were invaluable as I met many like-minded people interests and visions. The awards and recognition were just a bonus to all the knowledge and experience I gained. 'Start Young' definitely changed the way I see entrepreneurship and motivated me to continue developing my idea."

Human Human

Company Ltd

"Като ментор на 'Започни Млад', аз бях изумит от креативността и страстта, която участниците показаха през целия процес. Това събитие не само предоставя възможност за младите предприемачи да се срещнат и научат един от друг, но също така им предлага платформа за изграждане на трайни връзки с ментори и инвеститори. Едно от най-наградяващите аспекти беше да видя прогреса на екипите от идея до разработка на прототип. 'Започни Млад' определено е стартова точка за много обещаващи бъдещи предприемачи."

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