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Business expansion tips - Negopinionitis is today’s new trendy word (Негитата е новата тренди дума)

How the world accepts negative opinions as facts.

Negopinionitis: a word made-up by the author. It comes form negative and opinions. It means taking negative opinions as facts;

Take a bottle of Evian water. We can see it, feel it, touch it, maybe listen to it or smell it and we can drink it. So we can observe it. This is the first condition for something to be called a fact: People have to be able to observe it.

But what if I said: “this bottle is a nice looking girl.” Most of you would think that I am crazy, right? So there must be a second condition for something to become a fact: The majority has to be able to observe the same.

In order something to be called a fact, one thus has to be able to observe it and the majority has to be able to observe the same.

When I say : “This water sucks” we call this an opinion. Similar when I say : “This is nice water”.

But it seems there is an interesting phenomena at work with those opinions.

When I say: “this is bad water” ….. it seems almost nobody will drink this water.

Interesting isn’t it...

And when I say: “this is very nice water” ….. it is not necessarily true that the majority will drink the water. Some of you will say: “yeah, yeah, he is selling again”…..

Very interesting….

It seems negative opinions are accepted by the majority of the people as is they where facts.

Positive opinions on the other hand are immediately filtered by most people against facts.

A sales person meets his/her boss: “Boss I have a fantastic idea”…

The boss : “Yeah ? Show me first the facts”.

Some minutes later, the same sales person comes to the boss and says: “Boss our prices are much to high, nobody buys”…

The boss :”lets look at the prices”.

This does not happen in your company, right?

The telephone rings. One of the 2000 clients calls your company and gives a lot of negative opinions about your company, your product. Three minutes later someone of your company sends a mail to all of you with this negative news.

One day later another client telephones with good news about your company. In some companies not even 2 years later the majority has heard about this.

Very interesting.

Take the word crisis. This is a negative opinion in its purest sense. Where ? What crisis ? How much? In what sector?

It seems the world has some kind of illness what we will call today negopinionitis.

Positive opinions are immediately filtered with facts, negative opinions on the other hand accepted as if they where facts.

Facts and opinions are different. Make the difference look and work with facts.

Drs Marc De Turck



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