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George Aslanis' journey as an entrepreneurial and organizational yoda.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! Today we will meet and take a glimpse into the story of George Aslanis - an entrepreneur and business master, with an impressively vast experience in a wide spectrum of industries. Over the last 35 years, George has worked with business leaders in over 50 different countries and has helped them to improve the conditions and achieve their goals. He has also led, inspired, and assisted over 100 business consultants and trainers to help their clients grow and succeed.  

In this interview George gives us a unique insight into his philosophy of building sustainable businesses, focusing on creating partnerships and moulding real teams that change industries and introduce new, effective business practices.

Starting from the beginning, George looks back to his first steps in business when his dreams were still in their infancy. He is adamant that success lies not only in passion, but also in investing in knowledge as well as the perseverance and the ability to embrace every lesson along the path of professional growth.

With a bold vision and clear goals, George strives to create a positive change by joining forces with leaders and helping their companies not only to achieve success but to contribute to a saner, more ethical and more prosperous society as well.

George and his team create strategic partnerships acting as a trustworthy partner of the entrepreneur and as a Project manager in the company, investing his time, his rich know-how and experience as well as his resources into the most energy-sucking and time-stealing aspects of the business – the very things that slow down entrepreneurs and derail them from their purpose. 

His modus operandi is: 

  1. finding likeminded entrepreneurs with a good product and a worthwhile purpose who recognize the need for his partnership, 

  2. and forging strategic partnerships with them in which he and his team are focusing on the 4 main fundamental aspects of the business which are normally lacking: 

a) Precise data evaluation to locate the sources (rather than the symptoms) of the company’s problems and an accurate strategic planning based on that evaluation, 

b) Bringing the organization in order and making it effective,

c) Creating a real team of contributing and effective personnel

d) Creating intelligent branding that makes the company stand out and rise above the competition noise.

George places “building 'real teams'” at the heart of his management thinking, focusing on the idea that a successful team must have soft skills that are not taught in schools or universities such as responsibility, trust and initiative. He believes that it is people who form the heart of any organisation and that the quality of talent acquisition and personnel development are fundamental to business success.

"You can have the perfect business plan," he says, "but without a cohesive and motivated team, all efforts can be in vain."

He applies the same principle in his choice of partners. "I choose who I associate with carefully as I look for partners who share my views and values - people who are ready for genuine, open collaboration," he sums up. This strategic orientation allows George to build a lasting foundation and continue to expand his influence through new and innovative projects.

 "I am taking a selective approach as I want to invest in the growth and success of businesspeople with a non-selfish attitude and a worthwhile purpose" he says. His optimism is fuelled by decades of experience and the belief that persistence always leads to successful outcomes.

George's journey has already inspired us, but his story is just beginning. We urge all aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders to contact him and explore future partnership opportunities. You can contact George on

 Let's work together and exchange ideas for the mutual prosperity of our businesses!

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