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Join Freeboss Online Webinar on Setting and Achieving Goals with Marc de Turck

“Behind any failed purpose, there is a block. We will lead you to identify that block and help you move forward” - Marc de Turck

Do you ever feel like achieving your goals seems like an impossible task? Or are you one of the people that struggle to set any realistic goals? If you struggle with finding your motivation in the challenging times that we are facing today this webinar is for you!

Join Marc de Turck on the 21st of March at 19 pm for the first webinar out of 12 webinar series in the next 12 months. The focus of the first webinar is to guide you into placing a goal behind your intentions. So that when you wake up in the morning, you can start working on them with a purpose. The webinar is catered to all business people and working individuals.

When you join the webinar, you will learn about the following action points:

  • What is goal setting?

  • How to find the right goals for you?

  • How to make sure that you can stay focused?

  • How to go from goal to product via plans and statistics?

  • What is the administrative scale that helps you make a dream into reality?

This webinar includes a variety of tools and methods to tackle your problems and demotivation. Marc and his team would like to help you find back the energy you are missing from your daily life. Therefore, do not think any further and join the webinar on the 21st of March at 19 pm by signing up on Freeboss website.

“Without goals, you do not have game. Life is a game, so this webinar is for everyone that wants to enjoy that game called life.” Marc de Turck


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