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The Money Secret Online Webinar

Are you tired of giving it your all and not getting any financial results? Then the Money Secret online webinar is the perfect training for you! Join Marc de Turck, this Tuesday on 12th of September 2023, to learn all about the energy of money and how to attract more of it. See the full interview with Marc de Turck about this training:

When we talk about sales or business, people are usually very optimistic. But if someone mentions the topic of money, everyone gets very serious. I personally think money is not serious. Basically, money is much more mental than people might believe. Money is an idea connected with confidence. If you do not have confidence in yourself, in your client or in your product, money does not come to you. Money is an energy flow. The more enthusiastic and convinced you are about what you do, the more you will attract the money flow. A lot of people would say that someone has money because of luck, but that is simply not true.

During the seminar you will learn about what the definition of money is and learn about active ways to attract and expand money. We will go through the biggest barrier that people have that prevents them from getting money and from ideas that generate money.

The training is in two languages - both English and Bulgarian, which we call a double impact. The double impact means you will see the local, national and international viewpoint. This helps you understand the information better and remember it in a unique way. Sign up to join the training directly via the Ideas Freeboss website.


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