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About the Start Young Foundation

The mission of the Zapochni Mlad Foundation is to promote and develop the entrepreneurial environment and talent in Bulgaria by creating and maintaining communities for sharing experience and knowledge. We provide structured educational and practical information to improve the awareness and skills of entrepreneurs so that they can make informed decisions and ensure sustainable and purposeful growth.

We created the "Start Young" Foundation with the mission to share systematized knowledge and resources, micro, macro-economic and other information to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, NGOs and other organizations so that they can make informed decisions and contribute effectively to a more stable business environment, economic growth and job creation. Our platform provides an exchange environment to promote entrepreneurship because we believe it is at the heart of economic growth. Entrepreneurs are those who provide employment for local communities, develop new markets, implement new solutions for existing ideas, donate funds to socially significant causes, innovate.

Through our work, we help them develop their ability to react and adapt quickly to the changing economic climate. Thus, we help them focus in their activities and prosper in their respective fields, while at the same time taking an active position in realizing their goals and being well prepared for future challenges.

започни млад start young


"Zapochni Mlad" Foundation develops many activities aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in Bulgaria and their progress. We are among the people who strive to provide them with the necessary economic and educational resources to realize their goals, increase productivity and establish long-term sustainability. We work in the following areas:

Online Educational Activity. We strive to make the vast world of entrepreneurship accessible to anyone trying to realize their ideas. We help anyone who wants to do it themselves by providing educational materials developed by our experts.

"Bulgarian Entrepreneur" magazine. The lack of sufficient quality and useful information prompted us to create a Bulgarian online media - "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" Magazine, which would share positive and practically applicable information in business and life, helping to deal with the challenges of our time.

We are creating a Community. We build and maintain an environment for the exchange of know-how and valuable practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership.

We are also happy to participate in events where we have the opportunity to work face-to-face with anyone who is willing to talk to an expert in their field and look in detail at every aspect of their business.

Welcome to the website of the "Zapochni Mlad" Public Benefit Foundation with EIC 206624841. The Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Bulgaria, the EU and fully operates in accordance with its mission to promote and develop the entrepreneurial environment and talent.

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