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със списание "Български предприемач"

Welcome to the world of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" - Your bridge between Bulgaria, Istanbul and Dubai

Expand your network. Build bridges. Transform your business.

We believe in the power of connectivity and new opportunities. That is why we are here to offer you a unique opportunity for exclusive events and networking in two of the most dynamically developing economic scenes in the world: Istanbul and Dubai. Choose between prestigious events in Istanbul and Dubai, where your brand can shine among an international audience.

Complete the request form and our team will contact you for further details and help you choose the most suitable event for your business. Don't miss the chance to expand your horizons and transform your business with "Bulgarian Entrepreneur".

Image by Fatih Yürür

Join us today and open the doors to new opportunities!


Only for advertisers of "Bulgarian entrepreneur" magazine


Places are limited to 15


Each guest has the opportunity to state one wish, which business sector from Istanbul they want to meet

a gala dinner

Meeting with local business, many opportunities

Istanbul tour


First day, May 15 (Wednesday): SOFIA/VARNA – ISTANBUL

07.30 Gathering of the group at Sofia airport or Varna airport.

09.30 Direct flight Sofia - Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. 10.40 Landing in Istanbul.

09.20 Direct flight Varna - Istanbul with Turkish Airlines. 10.55 Landing in Istanbul.

Welcoming the group by the Turkish partner company.

Bus sightseeing tour of Istanbul - Sea of Marmara, Princes Islands,

The Golden Horn, the Asian coast.

Price: included in the package price.

Walking tour of the ancient center of Istanbul with a guided talk in Bulgarian

language - Hippodrome and the oldest monuments in Istanbul - the Egyptian Obelisk, the Serpentine Column,

Column of Constantine, Fountain, Blue Mosque "Sultan Ahmet" (entry if possible).

Price: included in the package price.

View of the Byzantine Cathedral of Hagia Sophia from the outside.

The largest and most impressive historical monument bequeathed by Byzantium, the eighth

wonder of the world! Also called the Church of Wisdom, it is a former Orthodox church,

turned into a museum by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and today into a mosque.

Free time for a walk and lunch.

Visit to the Bulgarian church "St. Stefan".

One of the shrines for all Bulgarians – the iron church shines again in its full splendor on the coast

on the Golden Horn! Declared the most beautiful non-Muslim religious temple in all of Turkey,

the church will welcome us as it did 120 years ago. Exarch Joseph I blesses and welcomes the first


Price: included in the package price.

Accommodation at the hotel. Time for a break.

8:00 p.m. Dinner at the Fish Restaurant under the Galata Bridge.

Price: 35 euros per person - transport, tour guide, dinner (appetizers, salad, starters, main

fish meal, dessert, bread and water)

Second day, May 16 (Thursday): ISTANBUL - ISTANBUL BUSINESS MEET 2024

07.00-09.00 – Breakfast.

10.00-16.00 ISTANBUL BUSINESS MEET 2024.

Preliminary program:

10.00-10.30 Greetings from the Chairman of the ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and Mr. Plamen

Popov - "Bulgarian entrepreneur" magazine


10.30-12.00 Presentation of the Bulgarian companies. Presentation of Turkish companies.


13.30-16.00 Workshops.

Free time for rest.

19.30-24.00 Oriental evening on the "ORIENT BOSPHORUS" ship.

A wonderful night experience with a Bosphorus cruise. Dinner on the ship, program with

folk and oriental dances, dervish, music and DJ.

Price: 50 euros - transfer, night cruise on the Bosphorus with a double-decker ship, rich

animation program, disco, dinner (salad + main course /chicken, fish or meatballs/ +

dessert + bread + water), unlimited local alcohol (Turkish brandy, wine, beer) and

soft drinks.


Third day, May 17 (Friday): ISTANBUL

07.00-08.30 Breakfast.

09.00-11.15 "Bosphorus and Maiden Tower Tourist Cruise (outside)" - wonderful

a sea walk along one of the most picturesque straits in the world and a touch of the most romantic

symbol of Istanbul - Maiden's Tower (Kaz Kulesi)

Entering the Bosphorus, sailing past historic districts, Dolmabahce, Besiktas, Ortakoy,

passing under the first intercontinental bridge, Arnavutköy, Bebek.

Sail back along the Asian coast past a string of historic villas, romantic marinas

neighborhoods, mosques, churches and synagogues highlighting a rich palette of ethnicities and religions,

living in peace and harmony...

The Maiden's Tower (Kaz Kulesi) is one of the most romantic and mysterious sites of Istanbul.

Parts of it date from the time of Fatih the Conqueror, Sultan Mahmut II gave it the present day

appearance. Here on the marble slab is his coat of arms from 1832. In the wide part of the nasgrada there is a historical reservoir. It has performed various functions over time, today

The tower with its lighthouse continues to show the way to ships. Return to land.

Price: 30 euros per person - transport by bus and private boat with microphone equipment,

tour guide.

11.15-13.00 Visit to the Egyptian market and time for lunch.

13.00-17.30 "Istanbul on two continents and the palaces of Asia": Excursion to the Asian coast,

Camluja Mosque and Beilyarbey Palace

Departure along the first intercontinental bridge over the Bosphorus to the Asian coast.

Visit to the newly opened Camluca Mosque, which is the largest in Turkey. The huge one

a religious temple built in the Ottoman-Seljuk style has a capacity of 63,000 people. It is the mosque

with 6 minarets and can be seen from almost anywhere in Istanbul. From the grounds around the mosque

an incredible panorama of the Bosphorus opens.

Followed by a visit to the Summer Sultan Palace "Beylarbey". Built in the same style as

Dolmabahçe, it resembles the European holiday palaces of the 18th century, used most often as

residence of honorary foreign persons.

Free time for coffee and tea in a cafe on the very shore of the Bosphorus.

Continue through the historic Asian districts of the Bosphorus, Beylarbey, Çengelköy, Kandıli

to the narrowest part of the Bosphorus and the Anatolikhisar district.

Returning to Europe via the second "Mehmet the Conqueror" bridge built over the Bosphorus.

Price: EUR 40 per person - transport along the entire route, entrance ticket to Beilyarbey Palace,

visit to the Camluja Mosque, taxi crossing the two bridges over the Bosphorus, licensed

tour guide.

Check in at the hotel.

20.00 Closing dinner of ISTANBUL BUSINESS MEET.

Overnight stay.

Fourth day, May 18 (Saturday): ISTANBUL - BULGARIA

04.30 Transfer to the airport.

07.15 Direct flight Istanbul-Sofia with Turkish Airlines. 08.30 Landing in Sofia.

07.40 Istanbul-Varna direct flight with Turkish Airlines. 08.40 Landing in Varna.

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