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Creating the future of tax consulting

Hello, dear readers of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur"! Today we bring you a special interview with Verbina from Ava Partners, a firm that has become a symbol of innovation and expertise in tax consulting, payroll administration and transfer pricing. Verbina shares her path to success and how her personal and professional values are shaping the future of this important sector.

The family tradition of education has had a significant impact on my career path. Raised in a family of educators, I was inspired to seek the truth and be loyal to my values. This led me to finance and subsequently to entrepreneurship.

At Ava Partners, we don't settle for the traditional approach to accounting. We believe in the uniqueness and customization of our services. From the accumulated previous professional experience in large corporations such as the Big 4, we at Ava Partners have learned to provide services that are not only of high quality, but also individualized for each of our clients.

Among the biggest challenges in the sector are the great dynamics and rapid changes - in legislation, in market conditions, in technologies. But we at Ava Partners believe that this is where our strength lies - quick adaptation and providing flexible solutions for our clients.

Changes in the sector not only pose challenges but also create opportunities for innovation. At Ava Partners, we are focused on incorporating emotional intelligence into our services as part of our vision for a holistic approach to business.

In conclusion, the path of Ava Partners is an inspiring example of how a traditional business can be transformed into an innovative market leader. Verbina shows us that with the right attitude and strategy, any company can thrive in a changing business environment.

We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and questions on the topic in the comments below the article. Let 2024 be a year of innovation and progress for both you and your business!


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