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How the best teachers are created in Bulgaria

In today's article, we present not just a business idea, but an entire philosophy of education. "Sindeo", the applied academy for teachers, stands out with an innovative approach to support the teaching community. Launched in 2023, the academy is rapidly taking over the field of education to provide practical and effective teaching methods. In today's interview, Theodora talks about the beginning, the vision and the impact of "Sindeo" on teachers and students.

Since its inception, Sindeo's vision has remained steadfast - to equip teachers with concrete and practical knowledge that they can use from the very next day in the classroom. Having created the academy, together with Angel Georgiev, based on her personal experience as a teacher, Teodora sheds light on the excess baggage of theory often found in traditional qualification courses and widespread non-applicable concepts. According to her, "Sindeo" comes as a countermeasure, applying a direct and practical approach in trainings.

Key to the successful achievement of this goal is the establishment of close links with lecturers and the establishment of a common learning matrix that enhances the skills and qualifications of teachers. The courses they run emphasize technical skills and professional development, while also including current topics such as media literacy and artificial intelligence.

The process of selecting and preparing speakers is precise and personalized. In the beginning, the founding professors themselves taught the first courses. Over time, the Sindeo team has gradually expanded its educational network, including specialists from various fields who contribute to the enrichment of the offered content.

Applied learning methods have a direct impact on students - their teachers bring fuel to the flame of knowledge in the classrooms. What is interesting about this approach is that the teacher not only transfers specific teaching techniques, for example the creation of an Escape Room for educational purposes, but also stimulates his creativity to develop new methodologies.

"Sindeo" reaches its audiences entirely online, removing the barriers of geography and time. Whether teachers are in big cities or small towns, they can benefit from the courses and seminars that are broadcast through the academy's platforms and YouTube channel. In these virtual classrooms, there is a constant exchange of information and materials, stimulating feedback between participants and lecturers.

One of the most valuable features of "Sindeo" is their continuous interaction with teachers. The academy offers engaging formats where students can ask questions and participate in discussions, which helps to better absorb the material presented. The feedback they receive after each course is key as it helps them adapt and respond to the dynamic needs of the educational environment. The academy also periodically conducts knowledge checks, which not only assess the effectiveness of the teaching, but also give teachers confidence that they have the skills to make a difference in their classrooms.

"Sindeo" not only interacts fruitfully with the teaching community, but also leaves behind measures of real success. This is seen in the face of teachers who talk about winning competitions and developed skills thanks to the practical techniques learned at the academy. The feedback coming from Bulgarian schools at home and abroad shows a "unit-by-unit" impact on students who participate in Olympiads and national competitions with the tools and methods discussed in "Sindeo".

The accolades are not long in coming - "Sindeo" is quickly establishing itself as an extremely influential organization, awarded with awards for innovation and an agent of change. These achievements speak not only to the growth and importance of the academy, but also to the pursuit of high standards and sustainable impact in education.

With each of its activities, "Sindeo" manages to inspire a number of minds, give new perspectives on the approach to education and become a catalyst for positive changes. Their proposal is transforming traditional teaching methods, and as a result, nurturing a generation of innovative teachers committed to creating value in the classroom and beyond.

If you are a business leader or manager who considers the importance of education and its modern development, "Sindeo" opens the doors to cooperation and new opportunities. Investing in education is an investment in the future and a foundation for lasting impact and success. The data and real-life success stories presented in this article reinforce the belief that educational innovation is the key to future prosperity. Connect, build collaboration and become a part of this special educational purpose.


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