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The High Speed Train of Tax Protection  

In our modern business environment, the dynamics of change are gaining unstoppable acceleration. Businesses face challenges and sanctions that are changing at a speed that cannot be ignored. Accountants are faced with the task of keeping up with new regulations and ordinances, understanding their practices and interpretations, and at the same time maintaining current accounting of operations. All this happens in the context of constant deadlines and changes in legislation. We are proud to present the article "The High Speed Train of Tax Protection," written by the AVA Partners team.

Where do we find information about new regulations and ordinances?

In this article, we will introduce the ways in which companies acquire information and prepare to deal with sanctions and tax risks. Our source of information includes registered information sites, publications such as "Bulgarski" and "Sedmichen Zakonnik", as well as related court practices. Ms. Albena Beneva, a partner in AVA Partners, who has extensive experience and expertise in the field of tax law, plays a key role in the information process.

How do we protect our partners from sanctions?

We tackle this challenging landscape by providing information upfront, not simply quoting the law, but providing concrete guidance for action. We ask a lot of questions and provide alternative solutions that help our customers and partners make informed decisions.

Combining tax consulting with accounting reporting:

It is important to emphasize that our tax advice is closely related to accounting records. This means that our clients receive a complete, complex tax consultation, which also includes the accounting aspect. We are careful not to miss the link between accounting and tax implications.

Assistance during inspections and audits:

In case of tax audits and revisions, we provide full support. Our role is to prepare written explanations that are the result of our many years of experience and partnership with the tax administration. We believe that successful cooperation with tax authorities is essential to the successful completion of inspections and audits.

So, our message to you is clear: let's work together to prepare your enterprise for the future, to increase your tax efficiency and protect your interests. Let's not get caught up in the rapid flow of tax changes, but rather use it to our advantage.

Get started today by contacting us, the AVA Partners team, and see how we can help you strengthen your business and protect yourself from tax risks. Your success is our success, and we're here to help you reach the highest heights in your entrepreneurial journey.


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