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The state and transport companies, problems and solutions!

In today's edition of "Bulgarian Entrepreneur" we meet Alexander from MMA Freight – a company specializing in innovative transport and logistics solutions. In a conversational style, this fruitful dialogue reveals the key challenges and perspectives facing the Bulgarian transport sector, as well as the interaction with state institutions.

Alexander begins by asserting that understanding and collaboration between the transport business and the state is critically important. He emphasizes that, despite some difficulties, there has recently been increased attention from the state to the industry. The key case that Alexander points out is the new regulation introduced at the beginning of the year for the preliminary declaration of goods with a high physical risk. This introduces an additional administrative burden and creates serious challenges for transport companies, especially in the context of current border issues and weather conditions.

Alexander reveals an interesting aspect of the relationship between business and the state. He explains that MMA Freight, like other companies in the sector, bears the burden of regulations that are currently not fully adapted to the electronic environment, leading to delays in processes and work stresses. However, he expresses hope for future changes and adaptation that will facilitate and accelerate the work process in the industry.

Alexander also touches on the important role of drivers in the transport sector, emphasizing their responsibility and importance as the "eyes and ears" of the company. He draws attention to the current shortage of qualified drivers in Europe and suggests that the state can contribute significantly to solving this problem by establishing educational programs and schools to train drivers.

Despite the current challenges, Alexander emphasizes the commitment of MMA Freight to the correct fulfillment of its administrative and financial obligations to the state. He expresses confidence that by paying taxes and providing for its employees, the company contributes to the stability and development of the Bulgarian economy. The opportunity for better synergy between the state and business is fundamental to their mission to provide high quality transport services.

According to Alexander, the key to the sustainable development of the industry includes not only the removal of administrative barriers, but also the promotion of cooperation between the various actors in the transport sector. He emphasizes that government support, as in other European countries, for example through financial incentives and support for the purchase of fuel, can have a significant positive effect on the industry. In addition, the integration of new technologies and electronic documentation systems can provide significant improvements in the efficiency and safety of transport processes.

With this dynamic and in-depth discussion, Alexander from MMA Freight provides a valuable insight into the state and prospects of the transport sector in Bulgaria. It is clear from his words that despite the challenges, there is a clear vision and aspiration for improvement and development. This interview not only provides important information for Bulgarian entrepreneurs, but also motivates optimism and progress in the sector.

For our readers who wish to learn more or contact MMA Freight, you can find the contact information [placeholder]. Your engagement and interest in the topics we are considering is essential for the development of Bulgarian business. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments or write to us directly at [magazine contact email placeholder].


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