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What does "Example Cabaret" mean?

Hello, readers and viewers of "Magazine Bulgarian Entrepreneur"! Today we present to you Veselin Stoyanov, the creator of the production house 2Producers and their innovative project - "Exemplary Cabaret".

Veselin, known to his friends as Lino, is the driving force behind this unique performance that brings together Bulgarian music from the 1960s and 1970s in a modern context. "Example Cabaret" is the result of the creative collaboration between the talented arranger Dobromir Kisiov, the choreographer Vili Dipichikova and the set designer Lina Grozeva. The premiere of the show at the Event Center at Pirotska 5 was met with applause from the audience, which confirms the high quality and attractiveness of the production.

Veselin shares that the idea for "Exemplary Cabaret" was born naturally in the 2Producers team, as their aspiration was to turn classic Bulgarian songs into something modern and inspiring. He emphasizes that their performances leave a strong impression on viewers, which is confirmed by the many positive reviews received after the first premiere.

Currently, the performances of "Exemplary Cabaret" are held only in Sofia, but Veselin reveals that they are preparing for a tour around the country. The interest in their project is not limited only to Bulgaria - there are also inquiries from abroad, and Veselin expresses the hope that they will soon present the cabaret to the Bulgarian diaspora around the world.

According to Veselin, the peculiarity of "Example Cabaret" comes from the passion and commitment of the entire team. He emphasizes that the creative process must always balance with business goals to be a quality and successful product.

Vesselin advises young art entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and not be afraid of failure, which is an important part of the road to success.

The upcoming event "Example Cabaret" on January 24, 2024 at the Event Center at Pirotska 5 promises to be an unforgettable experience. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy a magical combination of music, dance and theatrical art, presenting Bulgarian songs in a modern light.

Veselin concludes the interview by sharing that his motivation to continue with this project comes from the desire to enrich the cultural scene and show that Bulgarian art can be contemporary and exciting.

We thank Veselin Stoyanov for his passion and devotion to culture, and for turning "Example Cabaret" into a symbol of innovation in Bulgarian art.



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