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Navigating the Waters of Cybersecurity in a Post-COVID World with a complete Cybersecurity Stack of technologies

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, cybersecurity has become a cornerstone for business success. In this edition of the Bulgarian Entrepreneur Magazine, we are thrilled to introduce Yavor from AdVisionIT, a platinum partner of Sophos, who shares valuable insights into how businesses can achieve sustainable growth and security in their IT operations.

The Changing Cybersecurity Landscape

Yavor begins by highlighting the significant changes in the business, particularly post-COVID. He notes the shift towards offering monthly bundles of cybersecurity solutions, a strategy that has become increasingly relevant in today's dynamic world. "Businesses face numerous challenges, including economic crises, and struggle to plan their cybersecurity expenses," Yavor explains. This scenario is where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like AdVisionIT step in, providing flexibility and reducing upfront costs through monthly service offerings.

AdVisionIT and Sophos: A Formidable Duo

When asked about how AdVisionIT, in partnership with Sophos, addresses current business challenges, Yavor emphasizes the cost aspect. Traditional approaches to cybersecurity involve significant upfront investments in technology and personnel. However, AdVisionIT offers a different path. "We provide the technology, certified personnel, and mature processes on a monthly basis," he says. This approach not only ensures compliance and security but also offers a cost-effective solution for businesses.

Unique Advantages of AdVisionIT's Managed Services

Delving into what sets their services apart, Yavor proudly mentions AdVisionIT's status as a platinum partner of Sophos and recipient of the 2023 Sophos Partner Award. "Our mature security operations center services, certified team, and long-standing processes ensure that we integrate Sophos solutions seamlessly into any IT environment," Yavor adds.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

AdVisionIT and Sophos offer a wide array of cybersecurity services, including endpoint protection, server security, firewall management, and cloud security. Yavor particularly emphasizes their cloud management solution/console, which provides better visibility of the whole IT environment in the organization. The vendor offers additional insurance coverage in case of a Cybersecurity incident when the entire environment of the Client is protected by Sophos.

Flexible Pricing for Competitive Advantage

Addressing the pricing model, Yavor explains how AdVisionIT creates value for clients through flexibility. "Clients can adjust their coverage and service level on a monthly basis, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adaptability to changing business needs," he illustrates. This model allows businesses to scale their cybersecurity efforts according to current demands, a critical advantage in a fluctuating market.

Accessibility and Rapid Onboarding

For businesses eager to utilize AdVisionIT's services, Yavor mentions their accessible online presence and the simplicity of the onboarding process. "Clients can reach us through our websites, chatbots, and expect a swift response within the same business day," he assures. The rapid onboarding process, taking as little as one business day, is particularly crucial for clients facing immediate cybersecurity challenges.

Rapid Response in Critical Situations

The efficiency of AdVisionIT's onboarding process is a testament to their commitment to rapid response, especially crucial for businesses already encountering cybersecurity issues. "Our team's proficiency in dealing with urgent scenarios ensures that we can swiftly protect servers and endpoints, providing immediate relief to businesses under threat," Yavor elaborates.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

AdVisionIT's approach is not one-size-fits-all. They understand that each business has unique needs and challenges. Yavor describes how their services are tailored to meet these specific requirements, offering a personalized experience that goes beyond generic solutions. "Whether it's a small enterprise or a large corporation, our team is equipped to provide customized cybersecurity solutions that align with the client's specific IT environment," he asserts.

The Role of Sophos in Enhancing Cybersecurity

Sophos plays a pivotal role in this partnership, providing a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools. Yavor highlights the synergy between Sophos' advanced solutions and AdVisionIT's implementation and support expertise. "This collaboration ensures that our clients receive not only top-notch cybersecurity technology but also the know-how to integrate and support these solutions seamlessly into their existing systems," he explains.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Cybersecurity with AdVisionIT and Sophos.

As we navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, the role of cybersecurity providers like AdVisionIT becomes ever more critical. Yavor shares his vision for the future, emphasizing continuous innovation and adaptation to emerging threats. "The cybersecurity field is constantly evolving, and so are we. Our goal is to stay ahead of threats, ensuring that our clients are always protected with the latest and most effective solutions," he states.

A Call to Action for Proactive Cybersecurity

In conclusion, Yavor's insights offer a compelling overview of how AdVisionIT, in partnership with Sophos, is revolutionizing the approach of delivering cybersecurity solutions and services. For businesses seeking robust, flexible, and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions, AdVisionIT emerges as a leading choice.

Get in Touch and Secure Your Business Today

Are you ready to enhance your cybersecurity posture? Visit for more comprehensive information related to the offered Digital Transformation and IT services and their Marketplace at Don't wait for a security breach to happen - act now and ensure the safety and continuity of your business with AdVisionIT and Sophos. For more insightful articles and interviews, keep following Bulgarian Entrepreneur Magazine.


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