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5 Things You Need to Know Before Adding Bulgarian to Your Multilingual Site

International sites opt to adopt as many languages on their multilingual platform as possible. But when it comes to Bulgarian, it is significantly harder to find experts able to translate existing website content and handle the task at hand.

That is understandable, considering Bulgarian is not a common language and due to its many specifications, it is recognized as relatively hard to learn.

So let’s dive into the depths of professional Bulgarian translation and language specifics:

1. Bulgarian is only spoken in Bulgaria

Bulgarian is one of those languages every mid-size business and large enterprise website would eventually have as an available option. However, in its nature, Bulgarian is kind of exotic. Around 9 million people around the world know, speak, and fully understand it. Even though some Eastern European countries use similar expressions, Bulgaria is the only country that embraces it as an official language. (The European Union has also added it to their list of official scripts and languages.)

2. Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the world whose alphabet consists of Cyrillic script. That makes Bulgarian translations oddly specific and finding a quality professional translation service harder.

3. Russian and Bulgarian are two completely different languages

One of the most common misconceptions in the language niche is that people in Bulgaria speak Russian. The reason many people believe this misconception is both countries are using Cyrillic letters. Other than that, the two languages barely have anything else in common. So if you are hoping Russian translators can do the job for you, think again.

4. Bulgarian has unique language specifications

As one of the most complicated and hard to learn languages known to mankind, Bulgarian has way too many literal specifications. Bulgarian contains authentic features, unique among the other languages from the Slavic group, such as a huge variety of verb infinitives. It also has nine tenses. The present tense remains constant, still - the past and future have several variations (e.g. future preliminary in the past, past preliminary, etc.).

5. Avoid translation tools and software

Even though some online software solutions are doing a decent job in basic Bulgarian translation, there is no tool that can fully adapt to the abundance of the language. There are certain words and slang phrases, used in everyday life which tend to be untranslatable to other languages. Yet, they are highly used as they represent cultural identification and explain the local lifestyle.

Now that you know these five things, we are here to provide you with a piece of final advice. Only trust natives with professional Bulgarian translations. The language is way too complicated for enthusiasts to handle punctuation, avoid grammar mistakes, properly convey messages, interpret phrases and capture regional culture.

To help you with the task, Trend Management provides a service for translation to Bulgarian from native translators. Our professional Bulgarian translation services follow all the wording, grammar, spelling and phrasal rules so the text sounds as natural as possible.

Get in touch to learn more!

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