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Basing your marketing and sales on behavior is a risky business

Basing your marketing and sales on behavior is a risky business

It is much more effective to use emotions because they make people act

It is far beyond doubt that the goal of each company – small or big – is that its product reaches as big of a group as possible, that it can be recognized by that group as needed and that it is purchased.

For this purpose people use variety of strategies to find out what the market demands and how the potential client may be interested enough so that he prefers their product to the same or to a similar of another brand or a company.

Some of those strategies stress on logics in finding markets or selling a product. It means thinking like is we buy this and sell that we make a given profit. Or we lower or raise the price the market will react in this or that manner.

There is however a mighty mechanism which good sales people and market researchers use though they might not know the theory and the exact techniques behind it. And this mechanism is called: emotions.

Why are emotions the most powerful instrument in marketing and sales?

Lets say that person consists of three parts – convictions, behavior and emotions. Convictions are important but if we want to find out what the convictions of our potential client or of the market are is a risky business. Sometimes two people even after 20 years of marriage do not manage to know the convictions of their partners.

If we try to know our potential client or the mood of the market by behavior, if we want to sell by learned techniques and phrases, by proper dress and manners; if what is important for us is whether the client will look at our left or right shoulder, whether he will have his arms crossed, whether his head will lean at one side or another it is also a risky business.

The reason is that the person in front of you may manifest perfect behavior, to speak fascinating things, but at the same time to have bad intentions to you and when you eventually find out about it – too late.

In another words the person in front of you may wear a perfectly polished mask behind which there might be different intentions than the manifested ones.

The key to know the person in front of you or the market is emotions. Why? Because logic make people think and the emotions lead people to actions! The word “e-motion” comes from the Latin words ex – outside and movere – movement. In another words it means “movement outside” or the thing from inside which results in outward manifestations. With proper training in the Tone Scale of Emotions© which IDEAS provides in its trainings a person may perfectly know the true condition of the market and of the people in front of him regardless of what behavior is demonstrated and regardless of what magnificent convictions are spoken.

Did you ever think of why a painting gets sold for 1 000 000 dollars? Why can one product have totally different prices depending on who sells it and to whom it is sold?

One of the main reasons is that this particular painting or jewel or a stone is connected to a certain emotion which make people give tremendous amounts of money. The sales person discovers and understands what one associates with a given product (the button), then he inspires the buyer, makes him dream and manages to make the client make a link between realization of his dream and the product for sale. This is emotion. There is no logic here.

If people start to think too much it will be hard to forsee to what from their past it will bring them to or to what veriaty of consideration they will come up to. As a result of this there will appear answers like: “well, let me think it a little over”, “we’ll see”, “I am not sure”, “let me live with it for a while” and other “considerations”, which block the activness and decision making.

Of course here we are not speaking about manipulation of the client or of the market with the purpose that they should be made to buy something they do not need. (Unfortunatelly there is an opinion about sales people that they should facsinate the client so that they may foist something unnecessary on him, that they are agressive and so on). A good sales man or marketeer can help the potential client or the market find out exactly what they want by the means of the Tone scale. And when that happens again with the help of emotions the sales person can help hos prospect not to fall down with considerations, logics, thinking which may stop him from acting and decision making. Because reasons why something should not be done are easily found.

Let’s take for example a kid of 3-4 years old. He does not know any selling techniques, he does not have well polished behavior for any situation, he does not have fabulous convictions nor a refined speech. He however he knows that he wants something and he uses different emotions– until he does not find the right one in which his wish may come true.

Or just imagine a car seller who has a young and fancy lady in front of him looking for a new car. So he starts to explain to her in a very technical manner the technical parameters of the engine, the newest technology of break system and the incredible lease scheme. Some may say: what’s wrong with saying those things to a client? There is nothing wrong with that. The question is that there is no emotion involved to make the person act. It is very likely that the young lady starts to feel inadequate for not understanding all those nice technical details, to express outward agreement and never comes back. In my opinion the right approach here would be that the sale’s person discovers why the young lady really wants to get a car or a particular model. He can discover unsuspected for him motives (buttons) and to use them to make her live her realized dreams about a car – it may be strong sensations, her friends looks, or it may be that she is looking for something elegant so it adds up to her elegance. It can be anything!

Selling with emotions does not refer only to women. Men are also emotional. They may link cars with certain emotions and not just with technical specifications. It may be prestige, a sign to a social or branch belonging, strong sensations, comfort, independence and so on which the seller could find and use as buttons in his communication with his client.

After finding his client’s or market buttons and after having used them to make the client see how his dream may come true then the technical specification may play a role. The client will leave with a realized dream and this is a good prerequisite that he becomes a client again.

The solution is in the good knowledge of the Tone Scale of Emotions©, their role in determining people’s actions and their usage to create a high motivational status. In his book “Science of Survival” Mr. L. Ron Hubbard© describes in details each emotion, the exact characteristics of the person in it and what can be expected of him as condition and behavior being in a certain tone.

There one can see the exact mechanism how to find the emotion of the person in front of us, how to communicate with him and how to bring him to a level where practical and constructive decisions are being made. This kind of information is offered by our company in each of our trainings – Sales, Conflict management, Motivation and Recruitment, Leadership, Balancing professional and private life – because it is the key for success in each of those spheres.

There is also one very important reason to know the emotions. Each of us without exception has his own emotion in most of his life. But besides our emotion, there are situational and social emotions.

If a person falls down on the street his emotions will go down to fear or anger or (the situational emotion) but if his real emotion is higher he will go up again. The example of this are kids. If they go down to a lower emotion because of pain or other dissatisfaction they quickly get their enthusiasm back with the problem going away.

The social emotion is actually the mask which we are expected to wear or which we put on ourselves for variety of reasons – this is what we want to hide from the others and to manifest something else.

Which of those emotions do you want to know in sales or marketing? The mask? You want to now know whom you are dealing with? Hardly. Or the situational? Well, if nothing else this emotion could help but is variable.

It is good for us to know the real emotion of the client or of the market so that we can communicate with them, with their reality and then we can bring them to our own reality where we want to sell. The result will be action, decision, interest, people thankful for your attention and understanding and future clients.

So use the emotions in your sales and marketing. Logic makes people think, emotions make people act! The right emotions however!

Once learned and understood this mechanism will bring you real success and joy and last but not least it will give you a reputation of a person who helps people to express and realize their dreams.

Marc De Turck Vassil Bunkin

Managing Partner Associate

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