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How Not to Become Crazy as a Manager

In this exclusive interview with the Bulgarian Entrepreneur Magazine, renowned entrepreneur, mentor, and innovator Marc de Turck discusses his extensive experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. The interview delves into his upcoming lecture titled "How Not to Become Crazy as a Manager" shedding light on common stress factors, leadership styles, emotional intelligence, and the future of management. Join us as we explore valuable insights that can benefit managers and entrepreneurs alike.

Marc's Insights on Stress Factors and Leadership:

Marc de Turck, with over 90,000 managers globally trained, reveals that stress for managers often stems from suppression and subtle undermining by antisocial individuals. He emphasizes the importance of addressing such issues promptly to maintain efficient management. Furthermore, he highlights the confusion caused by the ambiguous "I will do it" response in Bulgaria, which can drive managers to frustration. Continuously bypassing communication lines is another challenge managers face.

Balancing Work and Personal Life:

Maintaining balance between personal life and job responsibilities is a priority for Marc. He suggests that quality interactions are more important than extensive time spent with family. Marc's company offers solutions for managing family dynamics and relationships, ensuring overall well-being. While this topic isn't part of his upcoming lecture, it remains an essential aspect of modern life that he advocates for.

Leadership Style and Stress Levels:

Marc emphasizes that leadership style is a key factor influencing stress levels. Managers should take responsibility for their actions and decisions rather than blaming others. He stresses that everything happening to a manager is a result of their own actions, and waiting for external changes is not a solution.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence:

Marc believes that understanding emotional levels is vital for effective management. Recognizing and responding to different energy levels in people, or what is often referred to as emotional intelligence, is essential for motivating and leading teams effectively.

The Future of Management:

Marc envisions an improved future of management, emphasizing the need for managers to be visionary and connected with their teams. Robotic techniques are no longer effective, and the managers who understand and empathize with people will lead the way.

In conclusion, Marc de Turck's insights provide valuable guidance for managers and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their leadership skills and maintain a healthy work-life balance. His upcoming lecture on December 19th, focusing on peace and trust, promises to be an enlightening experience. Peace and trust are essential for fostering productive cultures and effective management. We encourage all interested individuals to attend this interactive and engaging session and embark on their journey to effective leadership and personal balance. Thank you to Marc de Turck and the Bulgarian Entrepreneur Magazine for sharing these valuable insights, and we wish everyone a productive and peaceful day.

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