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The success story

Hello everybody. Today our interview is with Marc de Turck. You were part of the jury at Start Young and a lot of people gave feedback that the comments that you made during the live gave a lot of value. So I´m going to ask questions about how you started, was it hard. Because you have a lot of background. You gave lectures to more than 6000 managers.

More than 65.000 managers worldwide, in Bulgaria something like 6000.

How I started? When I was a little kid I heard my father and my uncles were continuously discussing and I listen to them and I somehow advise them. This was my dream. And then everything I did was in that direction. I knew that I had to study not only one thing, I had to study many things.

I still have this dream and will never lose it and I´m interested in life, in people, in everything people do. This is the thing which drives me.

Did you have the support from your family that you needed?

No and this is a message to all entrepreneurs – don´t expect people around you to support you. It´s a matter of keeping your dream.

The only support I had from my father and my mother was that the paid my studies, they gave me food and support when I was at school. And I’m very grateful to them but not spiritually, or mentally or help in the business.

But now you have full support from your family, because as far as I know you work together with your father.

Yes, when I was young my family was my father, my mother, my brothers and my sister. Now of course is another story. I´ve chosen my wife.

Were you introduced to scientologist before you started a business or after that and did that helped you to expand your business?

Scientologist definitely helped me and helps everyone who starts with it.

I was manager of a restaurant and at the same time consultant and I encountered lecture on emotions over scientologist and I said “I need to know more about this”.

It helped me a lot in how to fast achieve the success. It´s a way to know how to know and what to do. Scientology is a way of life which helped me a lot in my business, my family, my social relations, myself.

Related to Start Young I want to ask you did you think that every business has field for growth?

The game on this planet is to expand, to growth on different angles. The expansion is a way of life.

But it also depends on the goal of the business. Is the goal of the business is for example sell drugs, soon or later life will attack it and that is the scientologist principle.

If the goal is good for humanity in general and the nature, it can´t do anything else but expand.

If you really follow the drive in life to do good things for survival, for you, family, group, humanity, nature and spirituality life will help you. But life will attack you if you don´t do it.

If your dream is just to make money – forget it. If you dream is just to survive for one element and forget the other elements – forget it.

A young entrepreneur has to look a little bit at the future trends on this planet. I will give you some of this trends. The first trend is what we call “young game”, being younger, antiaging. This is a huge trend in the next 20 years. The second trend is going into fantasy. Another one is ecology. There are 10 trends, people can find them on the website.

The more of those trends you follow, the more life will make you expand. If you don´t follow the will be harder.

In your experience as a consultant, can you you give examples what companies did you give lectures to, what kind of things did you change in this companies, how you helped them growth?

The first category of industry is the restaurant and hotel business. The second sector is SPA. One of them is Sevastopolis. In the farming business. Then we have the building business.

Today most of the big guys have problems with finding people. We have a network of recruiters and we help them. We have a personality test which is unique, used worldwide and we use it as a swot analysis for when you are hiring people. Other problem of most CEO´s is that they do the job themselves. And there we have the FreeBoss program which is unique and works. When you follow the exact steps you become a FreeBoss.

When you consult a company what is the most difficult for you? Do you have a company that you refused to consult?

Yes, after 30 years of training consulting I can say no to people. In the beginning this was more difficult. I never consult psychopharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical industry no problem. Pfizer asked me to give a training in Belgium I think 5000€/day they want to give and I said no because Pfizer is also making some psychopharmaceutical utilities. So psychopharmaceutical, guns, drugs of course we are not helping.

Other businesses we can help if the person really wants it.

What kind of business owners are looking for help from consultants?

In Bulgaria the people who are looking for consultancy are people who have serious problems meaning not enough people, problems with the family. And the other one are people who think further than just business, they also think spiritually.

On the other hand my wife is more okay with difficult kids and drugs.

So basically most of the people who are looking for help from a consultants they already have a problem.

Yes, either they have a problem or they want to change.

Maybe it would be more efficient if we are looking for help from consultants before we have the problems?

Of course. But this is not the case and this has to do with education. In Bulgaria the mentality is “I know everything” but on the other hand they don´t have this data and then they fell down.

How do you think we can change this kind of mentality when it´s too late for education?

That´s our mission. That´s why scientologist exist. How can we increase the culture of people and the knowledge, understanding and the willingness to understand. There is one book called “The way to happiness” from Ron Hubbard and we distribute this book.

It was very nice interview and I can´t wait to see your performance on the Start Young Varna next week.

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