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Digital Transformation of your business from one single provider of IT Services

In the dynamics of the digital age, businesses can no longer afford to be stagnant. The emergence of digital transformation offers increased efficiency and new revenue streams for many businesses. Those who embrace it will prosper, while those who delay - risk obsolescence. If you are just getting started with this topic, find all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

The most important part is what drives digital transformation in the first place. Digital transformation comprises of people, processes, technologies, partners and suppliers. These are the four elements which ignite and lead to digital transformation.

  1. The element of People - these are the people who are working in the organization. They are the ones who execute the processes.

  2. The element of Processes - that is the mechanism based on which we achieve digital transformation and cybersecurity protection in our IT environment.

  3. The element of Technology - that is the compilation of technology that is being used.

  4. The element of Partners and Suppliers - nowadays IT environments are not a standalone unit, it does not work without observation or support. That is when the third-party IT software and service providers come in place.

Digital transformation is a big challenge for each individual business. It is not only about innovation. It is about leadership, knowledge and expertise to make the transformation work properly in an organization. Digital Transformation is a constant change.

The steps to transform your business include an integration of new services, new applications, and practically making them work all together. Uniting the people, the process, and technologies to work for the organization and on the commercial side – making money for the business. Businesses consistently need to be in trend with the innovations on the market and digital transformation is the way to go.

The experts at AdVisionIT have a specialization in digital transformation. At the same time, as a company, we offer the full stack package which has everything a client needs to set up an IT environment. That includes software development in the first phase of the project. Each client has a business idea with which we focus on producing an application.

The next step is integrating the application in the cloud manually or using the so-called DevOps practices or in other words – we integrate automation in the processes. Once the application is in the cloud, we provide certified cybersecurity services, which is the third important pillar of the IT solution. The protection is not only supported in the cloud or application, but in the overall IT environment, for the protection of the client.

Everything in the digital environment is connected, including people, processes and technology. The last piece of the puzzle is digital marketing. Once the application is developed, it needs the proper content and optimization for Google. The main goal always being for the application to generate money for the business in an efficient way.

The process described above is the full-stack IT package. We always advise our clients to choose the full stack from one single IT provider for one simple reason. Coordinating a project with multiple service providers is especially difficult because each provider supports different elements of the business and IT environment. Employing the same team for all pillars ensures smooth internal communication and a collective understanding of delivering the final product. It is difficult to achieve excellence from an operational point of view by choosing to work with different providers. Often that choice does not give reliable results on an operational and business level. Choosing one single certified provider of IT services makes much more sense, and it is more efficient in the long term for your business to be organized.

Companies that would benefit from the full-stack IT solution are any type of companies that have a digital presence. The service is suitable for any commercial company, fintech, betting, iGaming and any other company that needs to cover legal IT compliance. My number one tip for companies that are just getting started with digital transformation for their business is to make a good plan and do extensive research to choose the right service provider in place, that can walk them through all the necessary elements. The focus should not be on a particular tool or a particular service, but on seeing and presenting the whole picture.

Many businesses start in one direction, for example, with software development, and they completely ignore the cybersecurity factor just because they are going to be working with client's data, which is a compliant factor, and it must be protected. In that case, they are ignoring other elements, which can cause them a lot of business issues in the future. Therefore, the right planning and choosing the right service provider who can translate the business requirements into technical requirements is a critical step in the beginning of the project.

To find out more about the scope of our services, you can visit our website for more information. Feel free to reach out to our team of experts and find out what solution works best for your business needs.

Elena  Koleva

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