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Effective Problem-Solving Online Webinar 24th of October

There is a lot to say about problems, but what we are going to focus on during the online webinar on the 24th of October 2023 is the real reason behind the problem in the first place. The real why is not on the outside. It's not the market, it's not the politicians, it's not the weather, it's the inside. There is an exact logical way to track this.

Now, before talking about the way to find this, we have to talk about logic. And I know there are a lot of definitions about logic for thousands of years, but I will share a totally new definition of logic, which is not Aristotelian. In order to find what is logical, we are going to look at what is not logical. We will be looking at how different situations can be illogical and what would normally be considered logical. Once the person understands this concept, then just like a detective, we are going to find the real reason which opens the door to any solution.

In school, we learn classical logic like mathematical models, etc. But a real solution comes automatically once you find the real reason of the problem. Engineers know this, they say if you find the real reason behind something, the solution is right in front of your eyes.

Problem solving is a very interesting topic but not an easy one. That is because it will make people think a lot about how they wrongly look at something in the past and how they can really be able to confront a problem and to see the solution in front of their eyes.

This topic is new in Bulgaria. I have given this seminar two times before, a long time ago. But for Bulgaria, this will be a relatively new way of thinking and a new way of looking at situations, not blaming, not putting the errors outside. No, the real why is not God. The real why is you or someone in your team. I hope that a lot of business people will very easily see a way to analyze and to fast redress any situation, whether in private life or business life.

All partners of Bulgarian Enterpreneur Magazine have free access to the online webinar. You can register via this link.

The key points that we will cover are:

What is illogic and what is logic? In order to know what is logic, you have to look at the reverse situation, what we call illogic. We are going to discuss different illogical situations which might appear. And based on that, to fast have an alarm in your head to say, ah, I have to look here & there. And then how to go deeper and deeper and deeper until you find the internal reason for a problem. Because there always is one. Problems don't just pop up. Then you can confront this reason and you find a way to resolve it. Or it resolves by itself sometimes. It depends on what the real reason is. Those will be the topics, one after the other.

What you need to know is that the more complex the situation is, the more complex the solution is. The more you confront the situation like it really is, the simpler things become. Do not make things complicated. Situations and problems are sometimes a humoristic simplicity that you say, oh my God, how is it possible that I didn't see this? Yes, it's sometimes just in front of you.

Watch the full interview here:

Elena Koleva

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