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HOW to stably expand in any crisis situation

Marc Julian de Turck - Born on 05 02 1962 Brussels.

Master in business economics and bachelor in Philosophy. Licensed European Consultant, Trainer. Ambassador in the Hubbard Management System

Co-Founder of Restaurant the Sky Way, Belgium, Special Fusion Cuisine. Founder of IDEAS Intl, Belgium and of Marc de Turck and Co OOD in Bulgaria. Delivering business training, consulting, coaching. Co-Founder of New Generation Family. Delivering personalized help to families.

At an early age when Marc saw his family members discussing on politics and economics and how bad everything was, he wanted to have his word on how to create a better economic and political world. But being 12, he was not taken seriously.

During the years that followed, all his study and experience went into the direction of consulting, coaching, training in order to make a difference in the economic and political world by his advices. He graduated in business economics and philosophy while in the week-ends working as teacher in mathematics and helping others with personal and business problems.

During his mandatory military service, he consulted the Belgian Gendarmerie in organizational issues and was the youngest Management Consultant to the Chief of Staff.

His experience as consultant in Accenture, a top consulting company, opened the doors to decision takers. In 1990 he wanted, apart from consulting and coaching people also to have experience in a real business. That is why he started the first Asian-European Fusion Cuisine restaurant. This brought him financial success and a lot of contacts with decision takers.

Marc discovered in 1994 the works of L. Ron Hubbard and his unique ideas about management. (see Having studied different management systems he was convinced that this was the most complete and workable management system he had studied. So he jumped into the details of it and a bit later he started his own consulting and training practice in Belgium called IDEAS Intl.

Of course, the challenges as a beginning one-men consultant became clear during the first 3 years. But remaining true to his goals he finally got his break-through on different European Commission Training assignments.

In 2005 he was asked by KPMG-UNISYS to lead a strategic project on modernizing the Bulgarian State Administration. This project included training, consulting, law proposal and IT development. Having ended this project in time and budget he got from the European Ambassador at that time personal congratulations. That is when he founded Marc de Turck and Co in Sofia, Bulgaria who now became the headquarters for the Balkan. From 1995 until today, Marc trained and coached more than 50 000 managers and staff in +/- 30 countries. In Bulgaria +/- 6000 managers and staff.

He is also asked a speaker on different congresses.

Recently, Marc saw that business people have problems to balance private and business life. In order to help the families of business people he co-founded with his wife, Monique De Clerck New Generation Family. Providing training, consulting and help to families.

Marc’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and economic and social leaders to improve their business and private life so that they can create a better economical, social and political world.

Мисията на Фондация в обществена полза “Започни Млад” с ЕИК 206624841 е да насърчава и развива предприемаческата среда и талант в България чрез създаване и поддържане на общности за споделяне на опит и знания. Ние предоставяме структурирана образователна и практична информация, която да подобри осведомеността и уменията на предприемачите, така че те да могат да вземат информирани решения и да подсигурят устойчив и целесъобразен растеж. С цел финансова независимост и устойчивост, освен образователните ни общественополезни дейности, ние предлагаме и обучителни услуги и продукти, както и реклама на подбрани партньори, което да допринася за изпълнението на мисията ни. Всички приходи от стопанската дейност на фондацията отиват за развитие на общественополезните и имат за цел тяхното развитие. Повече за фондацията може да видите на нашата “За нас” страница.

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