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Learn how to learn with Marc de Turck

Hello everybody. Today we have a special guest. He´s name is Marc de Turck and he has very enchanting story behind him. I´m going to tell quick highlights of Marc. He is a serial entrepreneur and his mission is to create a better economic and political world.

He started with his mission when he was twelve years old and during his mandatory military service he consulted Belgian Gendarmerie in organizational issues and was the youngest Management Consultant to the Chief of Staff.

In 1994 Marc discovered the works of L. Ron Hubbard and his unique ideas about management. So he jumped into the details of it and a bit later he started his own consulting and training practice in Belgium called IDEAS Intl. Later in 2005 he founded Marc de Turck and Co in Sofia, here Bulgaria and now became the headquarters for the Balkan.

From 1995 until today, Marc trained more than 50 000 managers and staff in more tan 30 countries.

Where I´m finding you now? Are you here in Sofia?

I´m in Sofia, yes. I arrived in Sofia last week because I love Bulgaria. Specially the city of Sofia, it´s a nice city. And honestly I couldn´t say it better than you, so thank you very much for the introduction.

Actually it´s very interesting that you spend so much time in Bulgaria because you travel so much. More than 30 countries, you have the opportunity to be wherever you want, to work with however you want and you are here in Sofia.

A lot of people ask me this question. Yes, I could live in Shanghai, I speak Chinese. I could live in America. I could live in Belgium, France, Russia but I like this country. You can´t explain it. I arrived in your beautiful country in 2005 for a project called Модернизиране на човешки ресурси по министерски съвет. I didn´t know anything about Bulgaria. Very soon I started to be in love with it. There is something here which makes me stay here. It´s nice people, cine country, the mountains, the sea. The architecture could be a little bit improved. I believe in this country and that it will go on. That´s why I stay here.

You have some kind of management system that teaches people how to love learning. Can you tell me a little bit more about it?

Yes. Mister Ron Hubbard who is the founder of the scientology movement worldwide which is the biggest and fastest growing religious-philosophical group in the world today, he discovered something very very important. When you have a baby he is interested in everything and then he goes to school and step by step the kids don´t want to study anymore. He did a research and he came basically to a very important discovery. There is study barriers, people don´t know how to study.

The most important barrier is difference between success and not success in life – missunderstoods. When a person has too many missunderstoods symbols or words he blows, he goes away from it.

A lot of people in the beginning of their life they can do lot of things and are interested in lot of things. But then after while they go away from it and the main reason is missunderstoods.

Engineers who don´t understand integral. Phycologist who don´t who don´t understand the soul. Lawyers who don´t understand the articles. More and more you go to school and you don´t know how to study, the more you go away from it. This is a serious problem for businesses, for entrepreneurs when you hire people but also for you as a person.

Ron Hubbard discovered this and he created the book called Learning how to learn for kids and then basic study manual for adults. Since I found out that this is extremely important I put money and time to translate it, to get a license and of course sell it on the Bulgarian market, also give a lot of trainings about it.

So practically you are creating trainings based on the books that help people overcome three barriers.

Yes, this is one part. We basically give solutions to managers to go better in their business and private life. That´s the main concept.

The topics goes from finding your goals, organizing, recruiting people, marketing, financial planning, production and the basis for that – study.

Tell me how it´s possible for companies and organizations to book this kind of training with you?

We have different websites. One site is for Bulgarian and they can see the calendar with our trainings or the calendar of the academy. They just go and they can subscribe.

On the other hand I´m also the founder of New Generation Family, it´s a NGO and this is more for families, kids, education, drug prevention, etc. There we also have lectures, mostly free every month and there they can go to and they can also subscribe or even help.

If you´re and entrepreneur, you have to think big and not only on business or money.

Are you open to do trainings for teachers in schools?

We did this a lot, but there is one barrier on political level. Most teachers tell me: ¨We love it, but we have a program and we can´t go out of this program”. Okay, we fight against this and today there is a group in Samokov of three ladies who got the license to deliver this training to kids so they start after school hours to help kids to go better.

Have you heard of our event Start Young, which we created on 2021? What do you think about this kind of events for young people?

One of the study barriers apart of the misunderstoods it´s too much theory. What I´ve seen is you have a lot of students from 21 to 23 years study theory and then become totally lazy.

When a kid goes from 12 or 14 years let´s say, the moment when he can read and understand and be independent, at that moment in my opinion he should study and work. At the same time for the nation this will give more pensions, it will get more people active.

Marc it was very nice to have you. I can´t wait for our interview next month and discuss your next projects.

Watch the whole interview here:

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