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Join this Different Business Experience 
for Bulgarian Entrepreneurs and in Just 3 Days…

Unleash Your Business and Inner Potential to a New Level!

• GREECE, Sept 08-10, 2023

About the Event

Come to learn the strategies from the most successful management system in the world which is used by more than 100 000 companies, including Grant Cardone that will guarantee you stable expansion, growth and prosperity in business and private life and which will give you the basis of playing bigger games. There will be a proven pack of world-class speakers.

Seats are extremely limited and this event is selling out.

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The Big Game

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Reason #2: Rapidly Accelerate Your Learning Curve

There is no wasted time or irrelevant information. Within just three days, you will acquire a wealth of knowledge and value that surpasses what you've accumulated throughout your entire career.

Upon concluding the event, you will return home equipped with impactful and practical strategies tailored for immediate implementation in both your business and personal life.

Reason #3:  Extensive Networking Prospects

The essence of this event lies in bringing together top leaders from diverse business fields in one boat for one day.

Those seeking to establish a strong presence in their respective markets will have the chance to connect with like-minded peers who are present at the event.

You will have an immense opportunity to forge new business partnerships and alliances. By the conclusion of the event, you will understand why numerous past participants have affirmed that the networking aspect alone justified their investment in attending the 10X Growth Con.

Reason #4:  Supercharge Your Business, Income, and Life

The Big Game event is dedicated to providing you with inspiration and support to unlock your true potential. Embarking on the journey will reveal the necessary steps to ensure long-term success, allowing you to continuously thrive.

We do not wait for opportunities; we proactively create them.

If you have a genuine interest in expanding your personal growth, company, and financial prospects, it is imperative to position yourself in the right environment – and that environment is the BIG GAME Event!

Reason #5:  Uncover the Formula for Dominance and Personal Freedom

To this day, more than 100 000 companies and managers from all over the world have already participated in our events for the past 30 years.

Take the initiative and secure your seat now, making a personal commitment to be part of this transformative experience.

Incredible Experience

5 Reasons Why You Need To Be At The BIG GAME Event

Reason #1: Exceptional Speakers

The organizers spare no effort in inviting top-notch professionals specializing in business, sales, and entrepreneurship to share their expertise.

During the BIG GAME event, our speakers will reveal proven strategies and provide insights into their future plans.

Don't hesitate to secure your spot.


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