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Before killing yourself as a manager, please read this!

To be or not to be is not the question.

Being in line with what you want to achieve that is the question.

You wake up in the morning… the shower is not hot, you are moody. The coffee is lukewarm, you hate this. Your partner asks you something, you answer with a snide remark. You take your car and there is again a traffic jam. The whole day "sucks". You come home exhausted.

But what if you woke up in the morning and said : "Today I am the mail-man, I want 10 000 clients to get their mail in-time, and for me and my family i will receive some income and respect ?"

Oddly enough, the shower would now be hot, the coffee would smell nice and be tasteful. You would give a big kiss to your partner and answer the question in a lovely way. Even if the traffic jam was as big as before you would find a way to get though it faster. And the whole day would move like a lightning. You would come home happy and would have time for your partner.

What is the difference? The same shower, the same coffee, a similar traffic jam. The difference is YOU.

In order to create electricity you need a positive and a negative pole. Those 2 poles cannot move, they stay fixed. You can then create current at the speed of light.

But if the 2 poles move, you create a magnet effect and you attract current instead of creating current. Similar it is with your being and the end result (having). If those are on one line and fixed, you will create energy and things will go fast; But if you doubt about who you are or who you want to be and if it is not clear what you want to achieve for the clients and for yourself, the whole day is a misery.

Let's assume the being here as the position, the identity, the title. And the having as the end result of what you do. This end result can be detailed into 4 categories: the result to the client of what you do, the result to your colleagues of what you do, the result to your family and the result to yourself.

We take again the example of a mail-man. The first day at work, his boss tells him I want happy clients. What does he do? He will throw away all the envelopes of the tax-office as well as the bad news

envelopes, and he will have happy clients, isn't it? But this is not the end result of a mail-man. The end result of a mail-man is the exact information delivered to the exact place in the exact time frame. This looks a stupid example, but most of the people of companies I have worked with do not really know their end result to the client. Now the mail-man comes into the office every day, his colleagues can say: "There he is again, let us have a coffee far away from him." Or they can say: "Hello, how are you, come and have a coffee with us".

The mail-man is married. His wife can say every morning: "Are you again going to this post office?" or she might say : "Honey, here is some tea, have a nice day at the post office". A similar situation with his kid. The teacher ask them: "What is your father doing for living?". He might answer:"My father is waking up every morning at 5 and comes back at 23:30 mostly drunk." or "My father is a mail-man and I am proud of him."

So the mail-man assumes the identity of mail-man, husband, father and of himself. he does a lot of things during the day. Let us call this procedures and processes. And at the end of the day, the mail-man has an end result for the clients, his colleagues, his family and himself.

Now if the mail-man does not know his end result for the client (or colleagues, family) he will put more and more attention on how to do things instead of getting the results. His attention goes now to procedures, processes. He slows down.

And if the procedures, processes become too complicated he will now put all his attention on his position, title. Totally introverted instead of reaching his end results, he will work on his position. And thus fight for his position and title.

I see those examples every day in business and private life with people. And the fact is that those people are good, but they do not see their end results. This brings down speed and effectiveness. It even starts when the kid is young, father or mother ask the kid: "What do you want to become later?" And the kid does not know it and for the rest of its life is wondering what to become instead of just taking the time to be,to do and to have results.

The question is not to be or not to be, the question is do I have known end results and I am a person who wants those end results. When you are in harmony with your end results, the doing will start automatically. It is an automatic motivating mechanism and it creates energy.

Lets create it.

Drs Marc De Turck

Special acknowledgement is made to Mr. L..Ron Hubbard and his writings on Be,Do, Have.

Мисията на Фондация в обществена полза “Започни Млад” с ЕИК 206624841 е да насърчава и развива предприемаческата среда и талант в България чрез създаване и поддържане на общности за споделяне на опит и знания. Ние предоставяме структурирана образователна и практична информация, която да подобри осведомеността и уменията на предприемачите, така че те да могат да вземат информирани решения и да подсигурят устойчив и целесъобразен растеж. С цел финансова независимост и устойчивост, освен образователните ни общественополезни дейности, ние предлагаме и обучителни услуги и продукти, както и реклама на подбрани партньори, което да допринася за изпълнението на мисията ни. Всички приходи от стопанската дейност на фондацията отиват за развитие на общественополезните и имат за цел тяхното развитие. Повече за фондацията може да видите на нашата “За нас” страница.

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