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How to create certainty in uncertain times - three tips from Marc de Turck

“Everything that happens to you and your business is for the biggest part because of you” Marc de Turck

Any business owner knows all too well the challenges that come with managing a team, maintaining cash flow, upholding customer expectations and many more. Aside from these internal challenges comes a lot of uncertainty from the current worldwide economic state. And many are wondering - how do we manage it all and stay afloat? An expert in this subject is Marc de Turck who is the owner of IDEAS-FREEBOSS consultancy. He has been a practicing trainer in Bulgaria for more than 15 years. The foundation to his training model is set in the world renowned Hubbard Management System. This is a system that helps business owners have better control over external and internal changing conditions.

According to Marc the biggest challenge that owners are facing all over the world is uncertainty. Everyone is concerned about the stability of the banks, the influence of the war and many other external circumstances. Not only are they wondering what will happen but they want to know what is best to do to avoid any business loss or downfall.

He shares the best three tips to start thinking ahead and create a survival strategy for an economic storm:

1. “You have to measure where you came from and where you are right now”

Creating that measure with a graph helps identify how your business is doing over time in your main functions

2.“Always put you full attention on promoting your valuable final product”

As long as you have product that other people consider valuable you will have the opportunity to exchange it

3. “Make sure you and your team mentally stay in the present time, by making things a bit more difficult”

To support the third and most valuable tip, Marc shares a story from a ship connected to the Hubbard Management system. To hear the full story watch the interview with Marc via this link.

“If you are on a ship and nothing happens, a lot of people tend to go to sleep and take it slowly. But when there is a storm they wake up and are then in present time. Because of that a lot of people do not have a lot of experience in really being in the present time. Make your team continuously put their attention in the present time by making it more difficult. Right now there is a war every second but it does not always look like it. So make sure that you and your team are prepared in advance.”

In addition to his tips for managing uncertainty, Marc shares how to deal with negative opinions common for the bulgarian society

Marc shares that there is a lot of negativity coming from the media, the streets, from dramatization of people and their fears. He shares that it is most important to ”learn to focus on the facts”. When he came to Bulgaria 15 years ago, people thought he was crazy for having so much enthusiasm. He shares that he is still enthusiastic but he now knows why he was considered to be crazy.

“In Bulgaria, unfortunately, there are a lot of negative opinions - няма пазар, няма парички, нищо е възможно. But when you filter from these negative opinions only the facts, you can see that during the pandemic Bulgaria actually went up in the last year. There is a lot of potential and things are getting better and better. Things are not perfect but the goal is to get better and continuously be enthusiastic. That is how I see the future of Bulgaria. Which is also where our slogan comes from “Само нагоре, Up is the only way”.”

As a final mark up of the conversation, we have outlined a few words from Marc that will serve as a guidance to creating more stability in your business.

“No negative opinions. Work only with facts. You will see that your mind will be better and your ideas will come more. Your success will start going up. It is much more mental than people might imagine.”

“Take responsibility for your actions and your plans. There is only one person who can make a change and that is you!”

“Whatever the storm, prepare yourself and your team in advance. So whatever happens you can easily survive and stably expand”


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