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Protect Your Business with Advanced Cybersecurity: AdVisionIT’s presentation of Acronis

In an industry where the stakes are high and regulations are evolving, clients seeking premier cybersecurity serviceshave recognized the name AdVisionIT. Yavor, with his expert team of certified engineers, technical account managers, and sales specialists, positions AdVisionIT not only as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), but as pioneers at the forefront of cyber protection. In this issue of the Bulgarian Entrepreneur Magazine, you will learn more about one of AdVisionIT’s key vendors, namely Acronis.


"Acronis is more than a vendor; it’s an integral part of our cybersecurity matrix," Yavor begins, establishing the significance of the partnership with Acronis in AdVisionIT's arsenal. "We integrate Acronis's superior cyber protection and backup solutions into the clients’ existing infrastructures, ensuring that despite the ever-growing cyber threats, their operations remain uninterrupted." Acronis has expanded their cloud locations and functions, offering increasingly robust cybersecurity and backup services.


Yavor shared an enlightening story that showcased the value of such services. "Consider if a financial services provider experienced a cyber-attack. Thanks to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, not only their data can be secured across multiple locations, but the client will be able to quickly restore their systems, minimizing downtime and financial loss. Our ability to react swiftly and effectively is not just a service - it's a lifeline for businesses."


Delving into examples, Yavor recounts instances where Acronis CyberProtect Cloud has been instrumental for his clients. He offers an analogy: "A cloud is someone else's computer," reminding us of the critical necessity for businesses to adopt a multi-location approach to back up and safeguard their data. Yavor highlights AdVisionIT's partnership with AWS and other providers, threading the importance of versatility and resilience into the cybersecurity narrative.


Differentiation in an industry teaming with competitors is crucial, and AdVisionIT has carved out a distinctive edge. Their partnership with Acronis sets them apart. Yavor shares that "Service differentiation comes from our hands-on relationship with Acronis. We've fashioned a unique integration with their cloud, which furnishes clients with immediate access to Acronis services via our proprietary marketplace ." Moreover, the client has direct access to the Software & Cloud Solution and to the professional services required for integration. Example product: o365 protection with Acronis Backup or Cyber protected Backup of Virtual Servers. This seamless integration underscores AdVisionIT's position as a modern managed service provider (MSP/MSSP), harmonizing vendor solutions with client needs swiftly and effectively.


Navigating the labyrinth of EU regulations, from DORA to NIS directives, businesses confront diverse challenges. Here, AdVisionIT's acumen shines, "Whether it’s meeting compliance standards or ensuring business continuity, our tailored approach safeguards our client's most valuable asset - their data".


When quizzed about cost-effectiveness, Yavor’s response highlighted the economic intelligence ingrained in Acronis solutions. "The scalable, pay-for-what-you-use model allows businesses to adapt to their evolving needs without overcommitting resources. This flexibility, paired with an array of tools from EDR to disaster recovery, maximizes ROI and ensures that our clients remain agile and secure."


AdVisionIT's role transcends beyond simply implementing protection strategies. "Education is pivotal," Yavor emphasized. "We’re committed to illuminating the cyber landscape for our clients, equipping them with knowledge and tools that foster a secure, educated workforce."


As our discussion concluded, it became evident that behind the veneer of technology, it's the human connection, the trust and education, which fortify the business relationship AdVisionIT has with its clients—transforming cyber protection from a service into an enduring partnership.


For those eager to harness AdVisionIT's expertise or to learn more about their integration of Acronis's cutting-edge solutions, visit (Main web site), (Marketplace). Engage with their team and elevate your business's cyber protection to new heights.


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