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Key steps to start gaining control over your emotions

The relationship between thinking and emotions has long been a topic of interest in the field of psychology and philosophy. While thinking plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, emotions can be powerful motivators that lead to action. Some argue that it is our emotions that drive us to act and make decisions, while others believe that it is our ability to think and reason that ultimately determines our actions.

However, most experts agree that both thinking and emotions play important roles in shaping our behavior and decision-making processes. This concept suggests that our thoughts and emotions work in tandem to guide our behavior and that understanding this dynamic is essential for developing a greater understanding of human behavior. To discuss more about this topic, we have invited Marc de Turck who is a leading consultant and owner of IDEAs Freeboss consulting operating in Bulgaria.

Mark has been living and working in Bulgaria for the last 15 years. He has noticed that a lot of people have big dreams and ideas but they do not act on them. He believes the biggest reason for that has to do with emotions. Marc considers the fear imposed on television and newspapers, makes people blocked and makes them take no action. This topic is quite relevant in Bulgaria .

“If we start with the basis that a person is more than a body. You are a person and you have your body. But you are not the brains. You as a spiritual being, you are always thinking. That is the activity of the spirit. There are three end results of thinking:

  • While you are thinking you come up with an idea

  • While you are thinking you come to a decision

  • While you are thinking you come to a indecision and continue to think in loops and doubt

When it comes to emotions, it is usually activated with an activity. When somebody asks you to do something, you start thinking whether you should do something or not. On this planet when you move, when you act, you need energy. There is no movement without energy. This energy flow is created with emotions. While thinking happens instantly and it does not require energy. Moving requires energy and this energy is emotion. Thinking does not end in acting. In order to act you need emotions. Even plants and animals have emotions that trigger actions.”

Marc explains the distinction between thinking and emotions and how they trigger human behavior. However, he also puts focus on counter emotions that are triggered from people around us and how that affects us. According to the Hubbard Management System, there is a tone scale of emotions that helps us recognize the variety of emotions that exist. “The world is full of emotions. Everything that moves is full of emotions. The problem is that a lot of people do not have the right tools to understand their emotions which then blocks them from acting. If you do not understand your emotions, the counter emotions of other people will control you. This also happens with animals. When a dog feels your fear, he will attack. But if you are not afraid, the dog will not attack you. Everything that is alive lives with emotion.”

Just like music, there are different tones in emotions too. The tone is connected to the height of the sound. Marc shares that there are 3 main tones:

  • Low tones are called Vampire Emotions

  • Medium tones are called Negative Emotions

  • High tones are called Positive Emotions

These varieties of emotions have an effect on people in communication. You can hear a detailed description of each emotion on the tone scale in the full interview via this link.

“If you are a person with a dream and you happen to be around a person with vampire emotions that might change your dream. That happens a lot with entrepreneurs. It usually starts in the family. That makes the person think and start doubting their decision. If you know and understand your emotions you stay on a high level. When you start a business it is all about emotions in any industry. Even when you marry someone you need to know who is behind the mask.”

Marc makes note of the fact that in communication apart from recognizing the tone of the emotion it is important to know and distinguish between the real emotion and the masked emotion. “You have the real emotion and you have people that put a mask behind the emotion.” Marc gives great examples of how people tend to hide their emotions behind an emotional mask. “The trick to look through the mask is to ask simple, personal and unexpected, open questions.”

If you want to learn more about emotions and how they affect people in your business or life, feel free to reach out to Marc for a consultation. You can visit the FREEBOSS website via this link.


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